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Last year this event showed that the WWE can be unpredictable. Just one year ago in the city of Chicago we saw Daniel Bryan surprise everybody and get the blue brand briefcase, Christian get DQ and consequently become World Heavyweight Champion once again and we saw how the hometown boy CM Punk defeat the golden boy of the company for the WWE Championship the last day of his contract. That night was a historic night and this Sunday they have a lot to live up to. Especially when there are only four matches schedule. We have two MITB ladder matches and two title matches. With only four matches I expect a random Ryback squash match and a Divas match. But I think that maybe we will get the Primer Time Players making use of their # 1 Contendership and take advantage of the champions. With that being said I expect this show to be kind of the same level of last year.


After months of not seeing the tag team champs on TV we get them in a Pre-show match. The fact that these two aren’t on the PPV just shows how much the WWE really cares about the division. But maybe I’m right and we will get a tag team match later on the night. Since the champs are on the Pre-show against two men who get more time on NXT I expect them to win.

Prediction: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth get the victory

Just like the past two years we got two MITB ladder matches, but the difference this year is that each one is named after the championship contract that is in the briefcase. This year we have eight men battling each other for a World Heavyweight Championship contract. Is nice to see that on this match is filled with four men that have never been in this type of match and six men that haven’t tasted Gold. Even with all this men involved there are only two men that can win this. One of them is Cody Rhodes who just lost the IC title to Christian and it seems like he is going up to the main event scene and winning this could help him. The other men is Dolph Ziggler who is ready to be champion he only needs an opportunity and this could be his opportunity.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler gets the briefcase

In what I call the lamest lineup for a MITB match we have four former champions trying to become champion again. I really expect someone else to be in this match because this four together aren’t going to have a stellar performance. Sure Chris Jericho is awesome in the ring, Kane has been having great matches lately and John Cena is also good, but this combination is not for a ladder match. Another problem I have in this match is that MITB was for young superstars that never get a chance, this men can have a title match whenever they want one especially John Cena. I only see John Cena or Jericho winning this one and since it looks so obvious that Cena will win that it makes me think he isn’t. I think the creator of the match will win and be the first man to lose it.

Prediction: Chris Jericho gets the briefcase

Out of all the matches this is the least I’m looking forward because I really don’t care about it. The thing is that Alberto del Rio is not the same he was a year ago and I think he will never recover. Even with him dominating Sheamus on various occasions I don’t see him winning. I feel like Sheamus is the new John Cena and is not going to lose that title in a long time. But even with that in my mind I have a feeling that we could see a title change.

Prediction: Alberto del Rio becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion

This is the only reason I’m so excited for tomorrow. Two men that rose up at MITB last year are in the main event this year. But I think what anyone would’ve guess we will get AJ thrown between these two in the most awkward an entertaining love triangle in wrestling. With the unstable AJ taking on the duties of the guest referee anything can happen. That’s why this is a great storyline, is a shame that a lot of ignorant people here on the Internet are shitting all over it. Maybe is the fact that at last a woman gets to be the center of attention in the biggest wrestling company. For me she can’t go back to Bryan because her character shouldn’t go back to him. I think that maybe she isn’t going to be a big factor in the match. Maybe she will just called it down the middle and at sometime she will just walk out and leave both men. Or she can also give the “kiss of death” to one of them before the match ends. I really can’t see Bryan winning and maybe will end up winning, but long-term it doesn’t make sense to have him win.

Prediction: CM Punk retains the WWE Championship


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