Money in the Bank Review

MITB Ladder match for a World Heavyweight title Contract

Just like last year the blue brand match opened up the event. On this match there were new comers like Tensai, Tyson Kidd, Damien Sandow and Santino Marella. But there were also wrestlers with experience in this type of match like Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes. This match showed a little bit of sloppiness and that was all thanks to a botch from Sin Cara, it looks like we got our Sin Cara back. But aside from that it was pretty good match. Tensai had a chance to look dominant. Cody Rhodes got a chance to stop the dominating Tensai. Santino got his fun spots on the ladder and Tyson Kidd got to show his talent. The only one that didn’t got an opportunity to show off was Damien Sandow and I feel pretty disappointed because of it. The finish was really good since got the people cheering for Dolph while he tried to get on the ring crawling through the bridge between the announce table and the ring. What I find funny aside from the fact that Sin Cara once again got power bombed through a ladder is that even with Ziggler defeating a loved Superstar like Christian he still got cheered. Fans just love when new superstars get chances and everybody loves Dolph. Rating: ***1/4

Winner (and new Mr. Money in the Bank): Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus is interviewed by Josh Mathews before his match.

The Miz makes his return and by looks of it people missed him. As expected he announced that he will part of the MITB ladder match.

Alberto del Rio vs Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship

This was a really good match between Alberto del Rio and Sheamus. The thing about it is that I didn’t care about either men just like the fans in attendance. The match had a really good storytelling but it didn’t click on me. Another thing I noticed about this match was that this was John Cena 101 booking. Alberto del Rio dominated the match but ended up losing thanks to a Brogue Kick. Rating: ***1/2

Winner (and still World Heavyweight Champion): Sheamus

After the match ended is when the crowd came alive a little bit. Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto del Rio start to beat up Sheamus to set up a possible cash in by Ziggler. Fans wanted Dolph as champion by the looks of it, they started chanting “We want Ziggler”. After some chants they got him but he ended up eating a Brogue Kick before cashing in his contract.

Prime Time Players w/ A.W. vs The Colons w/ Rosa Mendes

The tag champs were at ringside while this match took place, they also were on commentary. This was a random match to have but it was needed since they only announced four matches. Just like me the people on the Arena didn’t care about this match. Is really a shame that Primo doesn’t get the chance his brother got because he is better than him. The match didn’t do much for me but Primo’s little tribute to his father with the cartwheel was a nice site. Rating: **

Winners: Primo & Epico

After the match there was a pretty entertaining confrontation between Prime Time Players and the tag champs R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, even Lil’ Jimmy tried to get his hands on someone.

Matt Striker is shown at backstage interviewing AJ who seems more unstable than ever.

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan w/AJ as Special Guest Referee for the WWE Championship

This match couldn’t be anything from perfect. It was announced that it would be a No DQ tonight which I thank God it changed. Obviously Daniel Bryan and CM Punk can put on a classic match without even trying it. This match was really physical. Both men beat the shit out of each other with a Kendo Stick and a chair. Also the interaction with AJ who left at the beginning of the match thanks to Bryan pushing Punk and she being in the way. At the end it seemed like AJ was going to help someone when she introduced a chair but she didn’t. Then she didn’t left Punk throw Bryan thru a chair and didn’t let Bryan get the Kendo Stick. On this match you could see how she cares about both men. The finish came with CM Punk surplexing Bryan through a table to get the win. The way things look this hasn’t ended and I don’t mind if we get matches like this in all the upcoming PPV’s. Rating: ****3/4

Winner (and still WWE Champion): CM Punk

Ryback vs Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins

Feed him more. This was the longest match of Ryback and I quite enjoyed seeing Curt and Reks, at least they got some offense. Also by the looks of it Ryback is over,“Feed me More” chanted the crowd after the match ended. Rating: *

Winner: Ryback

Layla, Kaitlyn & Tamina Snuka vs Natalya, Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres

They needed to cool off the fans after the WWE title match and we got this. Nice to see Kaitliyn compete on her first PPV. This was just…bring Kharma back. Rating: 3/4*

Winners: Layla, Kaitlyn & Tamina Snuka

MITB Ladder match for a WWE Championship Contract

This was a better match than what I expected. John Cena AA-ing Big Show through the Spanish announce table and the others burying him in ladders was the obvious highlight. Another highlight was that once again they botched the Raw ladder match finish. John Cena broke the briefcase chain while hitting Big Show in the head, is a shame it didn’t broke when Chris Jericho was holding it. This was a predictable outcome and is a set back for reality. Why this ended the show? This is just foreshadowing what we all know the WWE is hyping up Cena becoming champion again. Same old crap. Rating: ***

Winner (and Mr.  Money in the Bank):John Cena

Grade: B