Thoughts After the Show: Money in the Bank

Well this Sunday WWE had one of their monthly events and I’m still an emotional trainwreck after it. Money in the Bank was one of those events that made me feel a lot of things. I cried when Dolph Ziggler became Mr. Money in the Bank. I almost died with a heart attack when Dolph Ziggler came down to tease a cash-in. I went to another world while witnessing another great match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Then I fell asleep and when I woke up to see my biggest nightmare come true, John Cena is Mr. Money in the Bank.

The opening match of this PPV was the MITB ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship. This match gave me so much feels, especially when it ended. Years ago I was just a casual fan that only watched the shows and WrestleMania, but now I watch every PPV and show that I can that’s why Ziggler’s victory means so much for me. I watched him debut and since that day I knew he was going to be big. Another thing is that I had a big smile on my face when Tensai power bombed Sin Cara through a ladder, is a shame it didn’t break like last year. Another thing that put a smile in my face was the botch Sin Cara did, it looks like he is back. This PPV started great because it put smiles on my faces. After that heart attacks, breathing problems and boredom took over me.

A heart attack it was what I felt when Dolph Ziggler came out with his briefcase. Thank God he didn’t cash it in because his earlier victory took over me and I would’ve die if he lost. After that I almost died while holding my breath during the WWE title match. Seeing so much awesomeness in a ring was incredible. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are just out of this world performers. This match just made me want this feud go on after WrestleMania, I wouldn’t mind seeing this two face in all the upcoming PPVs. But all those great feelings were ruined at the end of the night. John Cena winning the MITB briefcase did ruined the night for me. But on the brightside I’m going to get my favorite feud back, John Cena vs CM Punk III will be a good match. But on the bad side Punk might drop the title to Cena and I don’t like that.


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