07/16/12 Raw Review–999th Episode

After a  good PPV and just one week for the 1,000th Raw the shows opens up with the WWE Champion CM Punk. He immediately talks about how last year he dropped the “Pipebomb” right in that Arena.  He also mentions how he has beaten all men on the roster, and he really have defeated all men. He talks about the upcoming 1,000th episode of Raw and mentions how he wouldn’t be a champion when it first started. He soon is interrupted by Big Show who receives a good amount of heat. It was announced earlier that this two would face off at the main event so it made sense to have him in this segment. Big show starts to confront him and Punk says something very true about Big Show, he beats everyone up but always loses. He on the other hand is the champion, and got to love how he said it “I’m the champion and you’re not”. That was a reference to Macho Man for those who don’t know. But Show goes back at him by telling him that nobody respects him and the only man that matters in the WWE is John Cena who can cash-in his contract after he beats him out. Really good opener to hype up the main event. 

First match of the night was the Tag Team Champions R-Truth & Kofi Kingston defending their titles against Prime Time Players who were accompanied by A.W. Why this wasn’t on the PPV? This was a really nice match, but I’m a little bothered with A.W.’s mic. I don’t hate the concept but having the mic and commentary at the same time bothers me. Also liked that title weren’t changed on free TV after a PPV. Another thing I liked was A.W. flipping out and once again taking off some of his clothing, was hilarious. 

Winners (and still Tag Team Champions):R-Truth & Kofi Kingston

We get to see AJ backstage with Daniel Bryan. Bryan says apologize for the things that he said and when he was about to tell her something Eve interrupts them. This is a setup for a rematch from what happened last week.

After that segment we got Zack Ryder in Raw but it wasn’t good for him. He faced a furious Alberto del Rio who just kicked the hell out of him until he put him in the Arm Breaker. After the win he continued with his attack and that’s when the masked man that the masses adore came back. Nice to see Rey Mysterio even if I don’t like him. This looks like a SummerSlam match since is in Los Angeles and I really wouldn’t mind to see that.

Winner (via Sub): Alberto del Rio

I never thought that it would be possible to look forward for a Heath Slater segment. Also I would’ve never thought that him being so awful was so entertaining. This time the wrestler from the past that came back was Rikishi and I admit I marked out. It was a really nice short match. After the match the lights turned off and The Usos appeared beside their father and danced. This was just one of those good moments that put a smile on your face. 

Winner: Rikishi

We got once again another mix tag match. I think this summer there has been more than 4 mixed tag matches and that’s pretty surprising. Eve Torres came out and announced that his partner was the returning Miz. Loved that they match their gear.This two faced AJ and Daniel Bryan who got the victory after a couple of minutes. The important thing about this segment was the aftermath of the match. Daniel Bryan not only said “I love you” to AJ he also propose to her. She said Yes and I couldn’t be any madder. There are so much reasons I hate this angle and I really can’t put it in here. We will get a weeding next week. 

Winners: AJ & Daniel Bryan

Another edition of “Unleash the Ryback” this time his victim was Jack Swagger. Since The Miz stole his haircut he should get a fauxhawk because he just took The Miz place as the high caliber jobber. 

No Contest

Vickie Guerrero came out and immediately got a ton of heat. Eddie Guerrero would be proud of how far she has gone in the WWE. She introduces the Mr. Money in the Ban Dolph Ziggler who is looked great with a Casual suit. This was a great promo. Dolph Ziggler talks about how he will become the greatest champion of All-Time and starts naming names with Vickie making him echo. Then Jericho’s music hits but he doesn’t get to say a world because Dolph didn’t let him. Dolph’s arsenal against Jericho were awesome. “When’s the last time you’ve won anything?” was one of my favorite quotes. Better yet was Jericho giving Ziggler the Code Breaker which means we will get to see this two in the ring. 

JTG is still employed and he faced Brodus Clay. I really thought that Clay was done with the squash matches but I guess not. 

The Main Event with Punk and Big Show was pretty good. CM Punk for some reason has good matches with big guys. I loved how they played out the match with Punk having to him Big Show on multiple occasions to get him knocked. The cash in tease was really well done and the announcement of the match between CM Punk and John Cena was really well delivered. Solid closing for a solid show. 


Grade: -A