Thoughts After the Show: Raw July 16, 2012

Last night’s show was pretty solid, just like Money in the Bank. But I’m starting to think that the WWE wants to kill me. Just like Money in the Bank all the emotions I had during the show almost killed me. I’m starting to think that if the WWE continues with this trend of having me emotionally invested I will end up death. But maybe I will get killed by my mother or thrown out the house. Me yelling at TV screen and fighting over what happens are making me seemed more crazy than AJ. I think this show made me go crazy about some things that happened.

I think my first scream of the night was when Rikishi came out. I marked out like crazy. Best part of the return was seeing him dance with his sons was a good feeling moment. Is nice to see the WWE doing nice things like that. I’m really looking forward for the 1,000 episode of Raw after all this legends return. And now I’m going to say something I thought I will never say. I’m looking forward to see what will Heath Slater do on Monday. The WWE did a really good job choosing the jobber for this angle.

I said on my Raw Review that I hated something that happened on the show and I need to get off my chest why I didn’t like the AJ-Bryan angle. Daniel Bryan played  AJ’s abusive boyfriend on the beginning of the year who humiliated her on live TV when he dumped her. After this we get the “Crazy Chicks” angle which was great. On Sunday we didn’t had a real closure with this angle something makes me mad. AJ didn’t aligned herself with either men or showed some special interest for either men at the end of the match. Now out of nowhere Daniel Bryan really loves her and wants to marry her. Now we are getting a wedding that doesn’t make sense on Monday. If Punk would’ve lost his title thanks to AJ this made sense but now it doesn’t. The thing is that nobody will care the same way they did this couple of weeks with the way things went down. This is like getting into the beginning of Bryan and AJ back when Bryan’s career wasn’t as big. I just feel that this isn’t the way to go. AJ should’ve got revenge on Bryan or aligned herself with him, not go back and pretend that’s all right. But maybe I’m wrong and AJ gets her revenge on the wedding.

I can’t be the only one that loved Dolp Ziggler’s promo last night. He was just more awesome than ever. He doesn’t need Vickie Guerrero anymore. Also I can’t be the only one that has a big smile in my face because a Jericho-Ziggler feud just started. This two in the ring are going to deliver big time. Also seeing Ziggler die when Chris Jericho hits a code breaker will be entertaining, I still can’t get over how he died on Sunday when Tensai threw him to the commentator’s table.

I have to admit that last night I almost had a heart attack when Cena came down with Punk being down. I knew that he was to honorable to cash in the MITB briefcase but until he announced the match I wasn’t sure. I’m looking forward for the match because this two together are out of this world, but I’m not looking forward for the outcome. Something tells me that CM Punk retains this Monday but logic tells me that isn’t going to happen. For me the perfect way to begging a new Era of Raw is with a new face coming on top. John Cena has been over 10 years in the WWE and has had great moments he doesn’t need this. CM Punk winning on the 1,000th Raw once again winning over the company man is a more memorable end for Raw. Another thing John Cena said that in this match they will see who truly is the Best in the World, that really bothered me. Doesn’t he know that CM Punk defeated him on two consecutive PPVs? Brock Lesnar really gave him a beating on April because he doesn’t remember anything.