07/18/12 NXT Review-The Ultra Diva Debuts

Tamina Snuka vs Kaitlyn- Like last week show they open up with a Divas match. It was Tamina Snuka facing Kaitlyn. This felt like a downgrade of last weeks divas match. Tamina as always looks good on the ring but Kaitlyn looks a little sloppy at some times. But the beginning of the match with Kaitlyn using the referee as a shield was a nice funny spot. At the end Tamina got up on the third rope and it was over. This was just a nice long divas match.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

A video profile of Big E Langston is shown. He looks very impressive but his name is stupid.

Jinder Mahal vs Percy Watson- The second match of this weeks show was Jinder Mahal who the past weeks has been dominating facing Percy Watson. This two had a good match, but it wasn’t as good NXT matches are. Was interesting to hear William Regal say that John Cena has Percy Watson under his wing. So all the men John Cena puts under his wing don’t get TV time, now I wouldn’t want to get under his wing. 

Winner (via Sub): Jinder Mahal

Richie Steamboat vs Leo Krueger- After a confrontation at backstage last week Richie Steamboat faced Leo Krueger. This was a really good match. Leo Krueger was on the offensive side the most. Krueger used the ropes and ring on his advantage on various occasions while Steamboat showed nice kicks and sweet chops. This two did a really nice job in bringing in the crowd. Steamboat is natural baby face just like his father and Leo Krueger is a natural heel, but at the same time he is a kind of cool villain. 

Winner: Leo Krueger

Raquel Diaz Debut- Raquel Diaz the daughter of Vickie and Eddie Guerrero made her debut on NXT. It looks like the headset microphones are a trend in WWE. Currently A.W. is using a headset mic and now Raquel is using one as well. She cut a promo that makes you think that she was brought out of the Mean Girls Movie. It was a good promo, I think that on the current divas roster only Layla and AJ can cut a good promo so is nice to see more speakers in the division. Her opponent was Paige who had a lot of fans. This was a quick match with Raquel getting the victory with a Gory Bomb. It would be nice to see Paige win but she doesn’t need victories because with WWE’s policy on age she will be down there for two more years so is better to use her to help other divas that can make the jump to the main card.

Winner: Raquel Diaz

Alex Riley is shown at backstage with Aksana who flirts with him. When Antonio sees them she acts all innocent. Is announced this two will face one another next week.

Heath Slater vs Justin Gabriel- Former allies faced each other on the Main Event. Heath Slater faced Justin Gabriel in a pretty good match. Seeing Heath Slater compete for more than 2 minutes lets you see he is pretty good. Throughout the match he did a lot of cool moves, the best one being the top rope neck breaker on Gabriel. But even dominating all the match he didn’t get the victory. Justin Gabriel ended up winning with a new and strange move. It looked good but at the same time looked strange. This was a nice way to end up a good show. 

Winner: Justin Gabriel

Grade: B