7/19/12 Impact Wrestling Review-Open Fight Night

James Storm Calls Out Angle-The show starts off with a recap of what happened last week. After informing how Sting and Hulk Hogan are after the Aces & Eights attacks James Storm opens up the show. The Cowboy congratulates Austin Aries, then says he isn’t done with Roode and also talks about the attackers of last week. After all that talk he challenges Kurt Angle but he doesn’t come out. Just like Hulk Hogan last week he was attacked at backstage by Aces & Eights. Funny to see Storm demand the camera man go after Kurt. What he was going to do when he found him? 

Samoa Joe vs The Pope- After that opening we get the first official Bound for Glory Series match. Samoa Joe comes out and calls out somebody he doesn’t like who is The Pope. Funny thing is that CM Punk one of his best friends doesn’t like The Pope either. This was short match with a sweet ending with Samoa Joe getting the victory and once again get on the top of the standings.

Winner (via Sub): Samoa Joe +7 (47 total points)

Jeff Hardy vs Robbie E- Second match of the night and Bound for Glory Series match was Jeff Hardy facing Robbie E who had Robbie T as always on his corner. This was a short match but it was entertaining. Is nice to see that Robbie E is not in here for fun, that he actually gets to win even with the way he won. If someone has somebody on his corner will have to win eventually, so this was a nice match. Seeing Jeff Hardy frustrated with Robbie T and subsequently losing because he went after him shows that Robbie E has a chance with Robbie T on his corner. 

Winner (via Countdown): Robbie E +5 (5 total points)

Aces & Eights attack…Again- Since is Open Fight Night it was time for Gut Check. This time was Sam Shaw the one who would get a chance for a TNA contract but before he got to his match he was attacked. The Aces & Eights group attacked the man before he could even start. Interesting but not as effective as other occasions since nobody cares about someone unknown.

Mr. Anderson vs AJ Styles- After that chaos we had the third Bound for Glory Series match. Mr. Anderson came down to call out AJ Styles. The match between these two was pretty good and that is saying a lot because I normally don’t pay attention to AJ’s matches.This was a really hard fought match that made both men look good. 

Winner: Mr. Anderson +7

The Big Reveal- After a really good match for some reason Claire Lynch appeared. Once again acting more awful than ever she tells AJ that he is the father of her child and she was proof. The proof ends up being pictures of them together in bed. This Storyline is so awful that makes you laugh. At least the awfulness makes for good entertainment. 

RVD vs Christopher Daniels- For some unknown reason Sean Wheelock is on commentary for the next match that is RVD facing Christopher Daniels. The commentary didn’t help at all the match. Why talk about MMA when two great talents are on the ring. Even with that it was a nice match with Daniels coming on top with the help of the ropes. 

Winner: Christopher Daniels +7

Bully Ray vs Magnus- On the last Bound for Glory Series match was Bully Ray facing the English man Magnus. This was another sweet short match. As always Bully Ray is the best heel on all the company. Nice to see the cutter form Bully to end the match. He should name it. 

Winner: Bully Ray +7

Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode- The main event of tonight’s Open Fight Night was the current World Champion against the former World Champion. This was a great match. I might say I liked it more than their match at Destination X. But this two didn’t get the chance to end the match because Aces & Eights  attacked Austin Aries and then Bobby Roode. This angle looks interesting but having them attack so many times isn’t going to help them. Nexus shocked everybody with one brutal attack that was what made is so impactful. This group now attacks everybody at every time and we still don’t know who they’re. The angle is pretty enjoyable and interesting, but now it doesn’t have anything impactful. 

No Contest

Grade: C