07/20/12 Smackdown Review-A week Planning Wedding

Rey Mysterio returns to San Diego- The show opens up with Rey Mysterio who gets a great reaction. He talks about his attack on Alberto del Rio on Monday but was immediately interrupted by Alberto del Rio. The two of them get into an argument until Mr. Money in the Bank comes out. I have to say that Alberto del Rio does his best heel work against Mysterio. Dolph comes out and has some words for Alberto for getting in the way at Money in the Bank. The two of them go at it verbally until Rey Mysterio tells them they should face each other and Ziggler agrees with him but not the way Rey intended. Exactly when Ziggler and Alberto were about to attack Rey Sheamus appears. Rey Mysterio and Sheamus go on attack mode and Alberto disappears leaving Ziggler alone getting all the hits.  This was the typical Smackdown opening that ends up in a tag team main event match. 

R-Truth, Kofi Kingston & The Colons vs Hunico, Camacho & Prime Time Players-The first match of the night was a 8-man tag match. The Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth teamed up with former champs Primo and Epico to face Hunico, Camacho and the Prime Time Players. It looks like the WWE is shaping real good the Tag Team Division and they are doing a really good job. This match was really good an entertaining. Now the tag division has 4 competitive teams with different and interesting styles. They’re also different from each other. I think that this match helped each team in it. Even when Prime Time Players won the match Primo was the star of the match which helps The Colons get more exposure. The mic of A.W. is still annoying and I’m still not sure what to think about it but this was a really great match. 

Winners: Hunico, Camacho and Prime Time Players (Titus’ O’Neil and Darren Young) 

After the match the Big Show appears and destroy every body with the exception of the Prime Time Players who ran and disappeared. This just shows that the Show push continues and I wouldn’t be surprised with a Triple Threat match at SummerSlam. 

Zack Ryder vs Damien Sandow- Second match of the night was Zack Ryder facing Damien Sandow. This was a short match were the two men showed an aggressive side. Is a shame that the WWE doesn’t let this two had a real good feud. Sandow’s gimmick is perfect as an opponent for Ryder’s gimmick. But I have to add that he is going to do cartwheels he should pay Carlos Colon Primo’s and Carlito’s father for copyright infringement. 

Winner: Damien Sandow

Peep Show-The Peep show is back with Daniel Bryan and AJ as guests. They show a clip of the wedding planning which is hilariously cheesy. Christian asks them if they are doing the right thing and they say “Yes” with some of the crowd saying it with them. But Christian makes the crowd say “No”. I didn’t enjoy the segment because the love dovey thing between this two is horrible. Both characters are better without one another. But at least seeing AJ slap Christian was funny. 

Daniel Bryan vs Kane- Daniel Bryan had to face one Kane who has history with AJ. This was a nice match that may lead on to something on Monday. AJ interfering was a nice foreshadowing of what happened when she teamed up with Punk. 


Heath Slater vs Road Warrior Animal- Who would’ve thought that getting beat by legends would get you over. I really like Heath Slater since this all started, he is hilariously horrible. This time it was Road Warrior Animal the one beating Heath Slater. Just seeing this makes me more excited for this Monday. 

Winner: Road Warrior Animal

Before the Main Event at Backstage Ricardo Rodriguez is arguing with Vickie Guerrero. Without any doubt a hilarious segment between this two.

Rey Mysterio & Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler & Alberto del Rio- Time for the main event with Rey Mysterio and Sheamus facing Alberto del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. With all the talent involved it was expected a good match and it was. But I ‘m still trying to figure out why did Mysterio had a question mark shirt. This was good main event and a good comeback for Rey. 


Grade: -A