Raw 1,000th Episode: CM Punk vs John Cena

This Monday is the 1,000th episode of Raw and as a fan I’m excited for it. Weddings, legends returns and Heath Slater getting squashed again makes look forward for this Monday. But what I’m more excited is the WWE Championship match. Last Monday John Cena made the challenge and is official he will cash in his Money in the Bank  contract on CM Punk this Monday. Since CM Punk won the WWE Championship I was looking forward for  this match because this two together make the perfect combination. Sure Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are a great pair on the ring but this two have something special. Their Money in the Bank title match last year was a 5-Star Classic and their Summerslam match is very underrated, that match was better than their Money in the Bank bout. The fact that this two will be on a ring facing each other will make the Raw 1,000th episode a must see.

The thing that makes me look forward for this match is what makes this two so special. John Cena is Superman and CM Punk is Batman, in paper Batman can’t beat Superman but in reality he can. That’s exactly who CM Punk is the man that has beaten John Cena in more than one occasion. But even having the upper hand over John Cena on two occasions makes CM Punk the underdog on this match like he really is. All men that have cash in their briefcase has become champion. Just by the statistics we can say that a new champion will be crowned, also the fact that is John Cena makes you think that also. But John Cena is not facing any man, he is facing CM Punk a man that has beaten him on two occasions. CM Punk is also one of the greatest champions of this past decade and he has the numbers and records to prove it. Punk isn’t going to go down so easily and neither is John Cena, that is why this match will be as historic as their past two.

At the end of the night just one man will win and hold the WWE Championship and for me that man will be CM Punk. A lot of people see John Cena winning because he is Cena and is the 1,000th Raw but I don’t think that’s going to happen. The WWE wins big time if CM Punk retains the WWE Championship this Monday. First off what a better way to close a new Era of Raw with a new man on top. Also wouldn’t be great to see a nearly year long title reign after years of hot potato with the WWE title. Finally if Cena loses people will be more invested in his pursuit for the WWE Championship. He doesn’t need the the WWE title but it will eventually end on his shoulder and is better if the play this a little longer. When Cena lost to The Rock people felt sorry for him and if he continues losing people maybe will get behind him and his title win will be important and not just another Cena title reign for ratings like his 14 day long reign last year.

In conclusion we can expect an awesome main event this Monday. Hopefully we can get a new Raw Era ending the night and not another Same Old Crap ending. I’m not a Cena hater but when he is as goofy as he’s been the last month I can’t like him. Also Cena doesn’t need a win on Monday, he doesn’t even need the title. CM Punk on the other hand can gain a lot winning. But no matter what is the result this Monday I will enjoy this two on the ring as I always do.


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