07/23/12 Raw Review-1,000 Episode

Last night the WWE had the 1,000 episode of Raw and it was beyond amazing. Sure a lot of Internet fans will be complaining about the little things but they always complain, that’s why they don’t matter. This edition of Raw was more of a celebration than a wrestling show. There was no need of a lot of wrestling but there was a need to celebrate the past and start going into the future, that’s what happened here. If you look at the show you could see how at the end of night the WWE moved on to a new future.

Damien Sandow confronts DX

The show started in a good way with the DX reunion. Seeing the gang back together was just great. What was also great were the constant joking between them. The reference to Shawn Michaels “Smile” and the Playgirl Magazine was hilarious. Even better was seeing Damien Sandow interrupt them. Sure many ignorant people on the Internet will say that he was buried. On the contrary he just got a lot of exposure by interrupting one of the most important stables in history on the biggest episode of Monday Night Raw, that’s a nice way to make his first appearance on Raw. Sure he ended up getting hit but they had the upper hand since the beginning. Five men can easily go over one man. This opening segment could’ve been the whole show and I would’ve go on to bed with a big smile in face, but thankfully things got even better throughout the night.

Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio and Sheamus stand tall

I think that for some random reason Sheamus, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio teamed up to face Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto del Rio. I say it was random because four of the men involved are from Smackdown. This was a match I didn’t care because the 85% of the men involved are my least favorite wrestlers of All-Time. But at least I enjoyed Dolph Ziggler giving Chris Jericho a cheap shot costing them their match. I smell a Summerslam match between those two and that makes me feel happy inside and outside. How things look this can only help Ziggler establish himself as a future star.

Dude Love dances with Brodus Clay

Poor Jack Swagger has fallen even deeper after losing in a blink and miss match against Brodus Clay who wore a horrible outfit. Was that a USA flag? The highlight of all this was Dude Love, I would’ve love the appearance of the other two faces of Mick Foley. But I think that Mick Foley’s appearance was overshadowed by the return of Mae Young’s son. Is great when the WWE makes fun of themselves and is also great to have some goofy explaining for something that happened on past years.

Daniel Bryan and AJ's wedding

You got to love WWE’s weddings they always end up in catastrophe. But the wedding between AJ and Daniel Bryan didn’t have any chaos. No one interrupted them and it all looked great. Well AJ looked beautiful on her wedding gown. But at the end AJ accepted her new role as Raw GM. I can’t be the only one surprised by this, I think this was a great curveball. Is just a shame that AJ will lose her role as GM in a couple of months, we all know that being Raw GM is not the most stable job. It would be interesting to se an unpredictable AJ run Monday Night Raw.

The Rock announces his Royal Rumble shot for the WWE title

Poor Bryan this wasn’t his night. Well on a storyline perspective it wasn’t his night but on a professional perspective it was a good night. Sure the majority of Internet fans hated that Bryan got “buried” once again. I think that nobody sees what it meant the segment that came after the wedding. After being stood up Punk came out to put some salt on Bryan’s wound. That’s when something unexpected happened. The Rock appeared and I freaked out. But not because Rocky came out, the reason I freak out was because it was Punk, Rock and Bryan on the same ring. Two men from the Indy’s shared the ring with one of the biggest WWE Superstars in history. Seeing The Rock talk about facing the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble to CM Punk makes me want even more a Punk/Rock match. This was just a great segment that shows the WWE thinks this two can hang with one of the biggest superstars in wrestling history.

The Miz new IC Champion

Finally The Miz is back. Without any doubt this was match of the night. Christian facing The Miz was a nice match and can be a good rivalry. Is always great to see the “first” of a wrestlers career. This time it was The Miz becoming IC Champ for the first time and becoming a Triple Crown champion. Also with his new look Miz looks like a veteran. He no longer is the Frat boy, he looks like a champion. I hope that he continues to rise and give the IC title some prestige.

Stephanie returns and confronts Paul Heyma

It was obvious that we were getting Lesnar vs Triple H but it was good to have this segment. Obviously seeing Stephanie back and being as great as she is was awesome. I just hope that this doesn’t end on a Triple H victory.

Lita Returns and defeats Heath Slater

I’m on the Heath Slater bandwagon. He is so horrible that he is hilarious. Also Lita returning after the Stephanie return makes me miss how important women were years ago. I think the pay off of the Heath Slater angle was very good and it was a good feel moment. The unthinkable was made with all this, Heath Slater got over.

Brothers of Destruction reunite

Before the main event we got an unexpected—at least for me—appearance of Kane. Then he was joined by a group of jobbers lead by Jinder Mahal. I admit I loved to see Hunico on my TV, he is by far the best luchador on the company. But what I loved the most was the Undertaker returning. I wasn’t expecting him and it was great seeing him. I still have to get used to the fact that he has some type of mohawk but I still admire him. It was just great to see him back and I’m sure it was great for the boys being in the ring with this two walking legends.

CM Punk attacks The Rock

The WWE Championship match between John Cena and CM Punk took place but it ended in DQ thanks to Big Show. This opened up to one of the greatest and most shocking things I’ve seen in wrestling. Big Show was beating Cena and a conflicted Punk looked and did nothing. Then Cena’s former rival The Rock came out to help him. When it looked like once again The Rock will end up with the spotlight on him Punk clotheslined him. Not only that he gave The Rock the GTS. The WWE Champion who has being overshadowed during his 8 month long title reign stood up tall while the biggest WWE Superstars were down on the ring. This was just perfect. It was the perfect way to end Raw. Now a new Era has a new face that’s how this show ended. I think the best par of all this was that The Rock put Punk over on two occasions. Earlier on the night he said that Punk was the”Best in the world” and then he gave him the spotlight at the end. Not even John Cena made The Rock look as vulnerable as he looked at the end of this show. And at the end that blank stare of CM Punk made this an even better end. The WWE is backing up CM Punk by making him the STAR of this show. We didn’t get images of The Rock or John Cena laying on the ring to close the show. We not only got a former Indy wrestler who was never supposed to be in the WWE leave the ring with two of the biggest wrestling superstars down at the ring. This moment made CM Punk a star. This moment was what made a great show even greater.