At the end of Raw 1,000 Episode CM Punk was the star of it

The 1,000 episode of Monday Night Raw took place this Monday and between legends returns, weddings and a lot of announcements there was only one man shinning at the end of the show. After months of playing second fiddle to John Cena, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and The Rock the WWE Champion CM Punk became a bigger star than he was. On the biggest night of Raw and the WWE CM Punk stood tall and shocked the world. He clotheslined The Rock and then gave him a GTS to end the show. For the first time in months the WWE Champion became the main focus of the WWE. Neither The Rock or John Cena ended the show triumphant, it was CM Punk. He stood over the bodies of two of the biggest wrestling superstars and looked like he belonged with them. This Monday CM Punk became THE guy.

When you watch the eight months of CM Punk’s title reign you can see the WWE has some kind of faith in him. Sure many on the Internet complained about him not being the main focus of WWE programming, but when you look deep all that had a payoff on the most important Raw. You can see that Vince McMahon has faith in him and wants him to be THE guy. CM Punk walked out with his WWE championship after laying out The Rock and with John Cena down thanks to Big Show to close the Raw 1,000 shows you that the WWE wants to tell you he is THE guy.

Last Summer John Cena made CM Punk a big star after he went over on Money on the Bank, but on Monday The Rock did something more. John Cena might have put over Punk on MITB last year but with all the shenanigans surrounding all their matches it didn’t matter that much. On MITB Cena was distracted and at Summerslam Triple H made a bad call, and on Monday it took a Big Show interruption for him to lose. But The Rock took a clothesline and GTS and sold it better than Dolph Ziggler, after CM Punk GTS Cena on Summerslam he got up immediately to argue with Triple H. That makes you change your mind about The Rock’s Ego. The Rock made CM Punk look like a Real Star.

But at the end of the day the end of Raw doesn’t have to mean a heel turn for CM Punk. I mentioned on Tumblr that this Monday we will see if he is Heel. CM Punk’s actions weren’t heelish they were actions from a conflicted man. When CM Punk talks on Monday we will see what he is. But it doesn’t matter what he is because his star never shined brighter.