07/26/12 Impact Wrestling Review-Aces & Eights

Opening Segment- After multiple attacks on the hands of Aces & Eights all of the victims came out to called them out. Each day that this whole storyline goes on it feels like a Nexus Angle. I feel that if they don’t reveal something people will lose interest, I’m losing interest. Until the reason of all this attacks is reveal I will not be interested in this angle. The random attacks are good but there has been more than 5 attacks in two weeks, that is too much. At least we got  someone not calling out Aces & Eights and that was Bobby Roode. He only told everybody that James Storm is behind of the attacks. Those accusations made James Storm come out and hit him. After some seconds of brawling they took them apart. This was a good segment that set up what happened later on the night. 

Tara & Mickie James vs Madison Rayne & Gail Kim- First match of the night was Knockouts a tag team match. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne faced Tara and Mickie James. This whole match was centered around Madison Rayne trying to get Earl Hebner attentions and him screwing Mickie James win in favor of Madison Rayne. I don’t know if people should be surprised with Earl Hebner screwing people over, after all he screwed Brett Hart. After not having a Knockouts match last week and now not having the champion of the division on TV is making the division look like the divas division, but at least they got some match time. 

Winners: Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

Gut Check- Before the Gut Check they showed the reaction of some of the wrestlers of what they thought about Chavo’s debut and Bully Ray had the best quote out all of them. “Never to bother me when I’m on my Twitter machine?” without any doubt Bully Ray on Twitter is awesome. After that we got Sam Shaw facing Doug Williams. This was a good match but Sam Shaw couldn’t be more generic. At least someone should buy him a wrestling gear, at least some wrestling boots. But what made this a good segment was having a Joey Ryan cameo. I like Joey Ryan and the angle looks interesting but you can’t have two invasions angles at the same time. Aces & Eights appears almost on two segments a week and Joey Ryan on every Gut Check since he wasn’t given a TNA contract. At some point they have to do something different.

Winner: Doug Williams

Chavo Guerrero Jr. Debut- After a lot of hype Chavo Guerrero made his TNA debut and I couldn’t care less. Chavo is good talent but he isn’t a big name for the type of hype he is been given. Having a Guerrero doesn’t mean anything if that man can’t help the company. Obviously I say that because for me a man that is 41 years old and doesn’t have a big name except his family legacy isn’t a great signing. Also his debut was horribly about how he is a Guerrero. Thankfully Kid Kash and Gunner interrupted him and started to attack him until Hernandez came down to help him. It looks like we got two new teams having a feud. Where was the Television Championship match? Or Robbie E? Hearing Chavo say “Guerrero” 1000 times made me want to look on YouTube for a Sin Cara Highlight reel, just for fun. 

AJ Styles vs James Storm-The first out of the two Bound for Glory matches was AJ Styles facing James Storm. This was a really good match. Both men put on a great show and thank God we only got two shots at “This is my angry face” Claire Lynch. But even with the good action in the ring I couldn’t get into the match because AJ was in it. I know he is a great wrestler but I can’t stand him. I don’t like seeing him on the ring, I don’t like hearing him talk and I don’t like seeing him on my TV. After some great action as expected Aces & Eights attacked everybody except James Storm making it seem like Bobby Roode’s accusations made sense. Thanks to this interruption both men got 2 points added to their Bound for Glory total points. 

No Contest

Gut Check Decision- The Gut Check decision was made on tonight’s show since it was delayed a week. For some reason Sam Shaw got a contract. There has been four Gut Checks and three have won a contract and the other is obviously in an angle so he is with the company. Technically this Gut Check thing is 100% effective so is stupid. I say is stupid because only one of the four is really a talented performer that is ready for TV. Alex Silva, Taeler and Sam aren’t any good for TV. They don’t have gimmicks, they don’t look like wrestlers and they don’t have the talent that wrestling TV show needs. 

X Division Championship Match- For some reason the best TNA can do with his World Champion is making him choose who should get a chance at Zema’s X Division title. Obviously Kenny King was Austin Aries choice at the end, after all he is the best thing after Sonjay Dutt who is injured. This was a nice match but even when I’m a fan of Zema Ion I have fear for the other wrestlers when he does the high risk maneuvers, after all he almost got Jesse Sorensen paralyzed for the rest of his life.The match came to an end when randomly Bobby Roode appeared and attacked Kenny King to help Zema get the victory. I hate when random stuff happens and this was random. At least Austin Aries came and attacked Bobby just to have some kind of  sense on this segment.

Winner (and still X Division Champion): Zema Ion

Bully Ray vs  Kurt Angle- For the main event Bully Ray faced Kurt Angle. Without any doubt this was the highlight of the night. It always impresses me how good Kurt Angle is, my dream match would be him vs CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan that would be an awesome match. This was an awesome match. I feel that Bully Ray deserves better because he sure is being awesome this whole year. He is a great heel that has delivered great matches, most notably his match against Austin Aries. Both men on this match looked strong and it could’ve gone on any side. What I liked the most was how close were the near falls. At the end Kurt Angle got the victory as expected since Bully Ray’s contract is ending soon. 

Winner (+7 Points): Kurt Angle

Aces & Eights attack…again- As expected Aces & Eights attacked again only this time people came to help. Why they didn’t do it a month ago? I said it at the beginning they can’t attack all the time and not reveal something. How can a group of masked men can attack on 8 different occasions and not get caught? TNA has something with the Joey Ryan angle and the Aces & Eights but don’t know what to do with it. They just make them appear and nothing else.

Grade: C