07/25/12 NXT Review-Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins

Johnny Curtis & Michael McGilicutty vs Bo Dallas & Derrick Bateman- For the first time in this new season of NXT the show opens up with a Tag Team match. Bo Dallas teamed up with Derrick Bateman to face the team of Johnny Curtis & Michael McGilicutty. This was a good match but for some reason the crowd went death at the end of it. Seeing this you can see how natural is Bo Dallas as a baby face, even if I don’t like him I have to say he is a natural in that department. But the real stars for me were Johnny Curtis and Michael McGilicutty. Just like Regal have said in numeral occasions Michael doesn’t know how good he is. I’m sure that if he is put on the right storyline he can get over. But  with who I’m really impressed is Johnny Curtis. His current gimmick is that he is weird and when you see him you see exactly that. He looks like a cool bad guy that you want to cheer. The way he moves and do things look weird and that’s what makes him so interesting to see.

Winners: Michael McGuilicutty & Johnny Curtis

Antonio Cesaro vs Alex Riley- Second match of the show was Antonio Cesaro taking on Alex Riley. This match was set up last week and it was all thanks to Aksana who is Antonio’s on-screen girlfriend. This was a nice match. When I see Antonio who is formerly known as Claudio Castagnoli I see the whole package, that’s the same way I feel about Alex Riley. Obviously the dirt sheets have some reports of why Alex Riley is where he is and honestly he deserves it. I know is stupid the reason why he lost his push but he had to know how is the business. Wrestling is all about egos and you can’t piss of those big egos. But I see a big future for Antonio Cesaro if he gets an opportunity. It really surprises me that he wasn’t signed before. Antonio doesn’t look like any of the Indy wrestlers, he looks like a WWE wrestler. I’m not sure how the WWE will use him but I hope he gets a opportunity to prove himself. 

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

At backstage Briley Pierce who is the NXT version of Matt Striker or Josh Mathews interviews Kassious OHno who is sporting a lumberjack beard. Really good interview where he tells how dangerous he is and how everyone should be afraid of him.

Another interview but this time is Matt Striker interviewing Drew McIntyre. Well Drew talked about everyone talking about Seth Rollins and how he is now the past. I just feel sorry for him. When I saw him back when he was on Smackdown and I really hated him. I say hate but what I really mean is that he did a good job as a heel. Then I stop watching wrestling until summer of 2011 and he wasn’t on TV. It must be frustrating.

Sofia Cortez vs Natalya-The Divas match of this weeks show was Natalya facing my compatriot Sofia Cortez. Obviously as a Puertorrican I’m happy to see Sofia do good but why choose Reggeaton as her theme song, that’s the same problem I have with The Colons. Reggeaton is so generic, but I have to admit that Salsa is a bit old for them. I just feel that the Reggeaton music is too generic they can have a really good theme song with Reggeaton if they produced it well. Besides that problem I have with her music I loved the match between this two. If only the divas division can deliver such an action on TV. Is a shame that it didn’t have an ending since Natalya decided to get herself counted out to just attack Sofia afterwards. I hope that means that we will get a rematch. 

Winner (via Count Out): Sofia Cortez

The Ascension vs Dante Dash & Garrett Dylan- In another tag team match The Ascension faced Dante Dash & Garrett Dylan, I think the last two made their firs NXT appearance this week. When I see The Ascension on the ring I see a tag team. They work together, have an awesome entrance and look so great for them to be on NXT not that there is something wrong with that. I feel that this two have the potential of being tag champ and somehow help the division. This was another squash match but it was still awesome. Maybe I’m just a little biased because I’m totally in love with their entrance but this two have a great potential and deserve to be on the main roster. 

Winners: The Ascension (Conor O’Brien & Kenneth Cameron)

Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins- Just like it was announced last week Drew McIntyre faced Seth Rollins on the main event. The match between these two was pretty good. I think that with more time they would’ve put on a show. Seth Rollins without any doubt is being built as the top guy of NXT like he should be built. Seth Rollins is an incredible athlete that can deliver in the ring as he showed on this match. The corkscrew moonsault looked awesome and him standing on his feet after it looked even better. He is just an incredible athlete that has natural charisma. But I’m not sure if he is good in the microphone. That’s why when he gets called up to the main roster I hope they put him on Smackdown since that is the wrestling show of the two brands. I also hope that he becomes the first NXT champion. 

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Grade: A