07/27/12 Smackdown Review-Ziggler vs Jericho?? YES!

IC Championship match-The show kicked off with the new IC Champion The Miz and after some words he is interrupted by Christian who gets his rematch to start the show. This match was as good as the one on Monday. The only bad thing about this whole segment is that Michael Cole is more annoying on Commentary. He really is a good commentator I think that people don’t acknowledge that he is good only that his heel persona damages the product. This is exactly what happened here, at least for me. I really didn’t like the annoying commentary but taking that away it was a really good match between this two. Given the ending of the match I expect a rematch at Summerslam something I will look forward.

Winner (and Still IC Champion): The Miz

Ryback vs Jinder Mahal– After getting squashed on Monday Jinder Mahal makes an appearance on another edition of “Unleash the Ryback”. Now that current wrestlers are facing Ryback is more interesting. Is better seeing people the WWE Universe knows get beat up. But this time Mahal got away giving the win away. At least that was something different. But the highlight of this segment has to be the “Feed me more” chants. From getting “Goldberg” chants in Chicago to getting over. I’m sure that this push will end in a World title match against someone like Ziggler or Bryan.

Winner (via Count Out): Ryback

Punked!- I normally don’t care about when they show replays of what happened on Raw because I already watch it but this time it was a replay of what happened in the end. I just love how the commentators are treating it like something important like it should be treated. I believe this isn’t a whole heel turn, specially when Booker T said that “Big ups to CM Punk” after they showed the replay. Also I loved that the Tout clips they showed were just fans telling how awesome the ending was. Seeing how people are reacting it would take a lot from CM Punk to transform that into boos especially when he faces John Cena.

Sheamus vs Cody Rhodes– This was a pretty good match. Is a shame that Cody Rhodes has lost some steam over the past month. But even if the match was good seeing Dolph near Sheamus and teasing every week a cash in is annoying. Is good to see the WWE remind everyone that he can become champion at any time, but is annoying. But at least Chris Jericho appeared with a Punk Ziggler shirt and got him into the ring where he got killed once again by a Brogue Kick. After that Ziggler got killed by a Code Breaker from Jericho. Thank God we will see those two on the ring together.

Winner: Sheamus

Antonio Cesaro vs Santino Marella– Antonio Cesaro is back at Smackdown and this time he faced Santino Marella in a short but with some funny spots match. Just with short minutes Antonio shows how great he is. I hope that this victory means that he will chase the US title and win it.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Damien Sandow vs Yoshi Tatsu- After a recap of what happened with Triple H and Brock Lesnar they show the on going match with Tatsu and Sandow. Technically was Sandow destroying Tatsu. I love how he is so calm and then in the matches he flips out. Also his mic work is outstanding.

Winner: Damien Sandow

#1 Contenders 4-Way- This was a really good match and main event. Kane, Alberto del Rio, Rey Mysterio and Daniel Bryan are the best in-ring performers of Smackdown and this showed why. At the end was Alberto once again winning and becoming the #1 Contender thanks to Ricardo Rodriguez. This was a nice way to close the show that had a lot of good matches. People complain that they don’t get wrestling on Raw but they don’t get the wrestling show is Smackdown.

Grade: B