07/30/12 Raw Preview

After Raw 1,000 me like many wrestling fans can’t wait for Raw 1,001 to come around. There are a lot of questions to be answered and I can’t wait for it. Just like WWE does the 5-Point Preview  and this is a preview with my thoughts and maybe some predictions about their points.

AJ is announced as new Raw GM

AJ as the new General Manager of Raw

If Raw wouldn’t ended the way it ended the big surprise of this Monday would have been AJ becoming the new GM of Raw.  Without a doubt this new role of AJ will be interesting but we all know it won’t be long. We all know that Raw’s GM end out of power almost the moment they get the power, but even with that in mind it will be interesting to see what will happen with her at power. Even if you like her or hate her fans have to admit that the most unpredictable character on TV is AJ and her being at power will give a different feel at the show.

Chris Jericho throws Ziggler back in the ring

We will get Jericho vs Ziggler at Summerslam?

After his big win at Money in the Ban Dolph Ziggler has been chasing the World Heavyweight Champion and at the same time he has made one man mad. The night after his big win Ziggler gave Chris Jericho a verbal lashing and since it looks like this two will have a match soon. But is Summerslam to soon to have it? Without any doubt a match like this will be awesome but I feel it isn’t needed on a big pay-per-view like Summerslam. Also the returning Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio have nothing to do for this big event that’s why I expect an opening tag match like last year. But if this two have the match in Summerslam I wouldn’t complain.

Will Rey Mysterio get involved in the World title Picture?

Is obvious that with his return Mysterio will be involved on the World title. The fact that Summerslam is in Los Angeles and Alberto del Rio is involved on the World title Match suggests that Mysterio will down the line be involved in the match. If is good to have him? Yes. Why? Looking back at the Money in the Bank match with Sheamus and Alberto del Rio you could see that nobody cares about this two facing each other. Having Rey Mysterio in the World title match can add more excitement to a match up that doesn’t have anything to offer.

John Cena talks to the WWE Universe

What will Cena say?

Like any Raw show we can all expect John Cena have a 20-minute promo where he talks a lot of non sense until he goes to the point. This time he will tell the fans how mad he is about he became the firs man to lose his cash in and also say that what he gets for being an honorable man. Then he will be interrupted by Big Show the two will talk back in forward until AJ comes out and announces a triple threat match for the WWE Championship on Summerslam. Yeah I just made a prediction for a whole Cena segment that’s how predictable everything he surrounds is.

CM Punk looks at The Rock after delivering the GTS on him

CM Punk Speaks

There is only one thing that matters of this 1,001 episode of Raw and that is what CM Punk will say. Throughout this week no one has heard a single word from Punk since his attack on The Rock on Monday, that means that tomorrow his words will be lethal. I said that Punk’s actions don’t determine he is a heel, his words this Monday will show what he really is. There is no doubt that what will make this episode of Raw a fail or a win will be the direction and words from CM Punk. What will he say? Will fans forgive him? Does he has any reason behind his actions?