07/30/12 Raw Review-The WWE Champion will be respected

Cincinnati is on Fire- Before the actual show the Raw set got on fire and they showed the images. Is a 3 hour show and there is  a need to kill some time.

Opening Segment- Following the end of Raw last week CM Punk came out to talk about it. As I said he isn’t heel like everybody on the Internet says he is. He is just a man that is not getting what he deserves and he is just airing his grievances. Also every word that he said to Jerry Lawler was true. He didn’t turn on  the fans and them not booing him  shows that they don’t believe he turned his back on them. Also he is right by saying the WWE Champion is the most important person in the WWE. Not a single time he said he is the most important person in the WWE and that makes the title more important. He is defending the Championship and putting it over like it should be done. The interruption of Big Show and then John Cena who cleaned up the ring from Show. After that AJ appeared with a business suit and she announced Show versus John Cena for the number one contendership for the WWE Championship in the main event.

Santino Marella vs Alberto del Rio- This match was pretty good considering it had a comedy character like Santino Marella. Also the new black gear of Alberto del Rio looked awesome. The fact that after his victory Alberto said that he would not compete in a match until his title match at Summerslam. The fact he is doing that puts over the title. It shows that he will only battle for a prestigious title like the World title.

Winner (via Sub): Alberto del Rio

Damien Sandow snaps…Again!- We get Brodus Clay with the Funkadactyls and they are interrupted by Vickie Guerrero for no reason. This leads up to Vickie dancing until Damien Sandown comes out and once again shows us the clip of last week. He is our martyr and he once again snapped and attacked Clay. Is just a matter of time for Damien Sandow becomes a champion, he has it written all over him.

Replays- As expected there were a lot of replays throughout the night but the one that got on my nerves was the Triple H-Brock Lesnar replay. This feud and match sounds good on paper but the development has been awful. The segments have been good but the fact that they can’t have weekly program on TV makes this a boring feud. Is not fun seeing replays all the time.

#RawActive Match- With this new obsession with Social Media fans choose a Street Fight for the Sheamus and Daniel Bryan’s match. But neither of the other options were different.  A No Holds Match is also a No DQ Match and a Falls Count Anywhere match has No DQ. But aside from that this was an awesome match. If this new #RawActive thing gives us matches like this all the time Raw will be awesome to watch.

Winner: Sheamus

Crazy Bryan- After a commercial break Bryan is still in the ring demanding a doctor. Then the tag champions and Lil’ Jimmy come down for their match and also make fun of Bryan. That’s when he finally snaps and attacks poor Little Jimmy. Without any doubt after CM Punk Bryan was the star of Raw. This attacks leads up to AJ demanding the men in white to take Bryan to a psychiatric test. Funny stuff here bit not a lot of sense. Why not take the man that is talking to himself?

Kofi Kingston vs Titus O’Neil- Good match, but I think is the end of Prime Time Players as we know it. After a rape joke by A.W. that the commentators then apologize for I think things are going to change. Either they lose the push thanks to A.W. or he loses the microphone. But still funny to see A.W. get the win for his man thanks to his shoe.

Winner: Titus O’Neil

CM Punk at Backstage with John Cena- Thank God Cena didn’t said a word in all the show. Is obvious that this year the WWE Championship will be surrounded by CM Punk, John Cena and The Rock and that will be interesting. Highlight of the segment and the night was CM Punk saying “I did in one night to Rock what you couldn’t do in a year”, and he is right. Since his return The Rock couldn’t look any more vulnerable.

The Viper Returns- Heath Slater is back and as many expected his opponent this week was the returning Randy Orton. He returned with some type of mohawk. What’s up with mohawks and wrestlers? This was a short match but it was nice seeing Orton back. But at the same time it feels so wrong that I didn’t care one bit for his return and I really didn’t miss him this past two months.

Winner: Randy Orton

The Yes/No Test- Daniel Bryan takes the first of his series of tests throughout the night. This one was hilarious. Each day Bryan gets better and better.

Christian & Chris Jericho vs The Miz & Dolph Ziggler- A really good tag team match between the four men. The best part of all this is that two storylines were progressed big time. Christian poking The Miz costing him the win in retaliation of what happened on Friday. Then to close it all Ziggler hit Jericho with his MITB briefcase. A really good match that served a purpose.

Winners: Christian & Chris Jericho

Ink Test- In the best segment after Bryan hitting Lil’ Jimmy Daniel had an Ink test. All the images at the end formed a Goat which made Bryan flip out. Pure comedy.

Tensai vs Tyson Kidd- Now Tensai gets the jobber entrance and wins, at least for a moment. Is nice to see Tyson on TV but Tensai is a failed character that will not get over. Also the reverse call made no sense.

Winner (via reverse decision): Tyson Kidd

Test Results- Bryan ended up not being crazy but the man that attacked him afterward is. It looks that after the Bryan/AJ/Kane triangle before the wedding will be the reason of a new feud. Is better than Charlie Sheen.

Main Event: Big Show vs John Cena-The fact that CM Punk was at commentary made this a great match, also the fans were hot. CM Punk owning Jerry Lawler on commentary was just incredibly entertaining. I think that at one point I started to pay more attention to Punk and forgot about Cena vs Show 1,000. The ending felt flat but at the same time made sense. Like I mentioned before Punk isn’t heel and when he interrupted the match was because both men hurt him. Big Show threw Cena to him and subsequently hurt him. AJ coming out to announce the predictable triple threat match was also flat way to end. But seeing Punk argue with AJ can be something fun to see on the next few weeks. Nice show only that it feels too long and it is too long.

Grade: +B