Thoughts After the Show: Raw July 30, 2012

Thoughts after the Show: Raw July 30, 2012

Last night 1,0001 Raw Episode was an interesting and entertaining start for the new 3-hour era of Raw. The show started hot literally with a fire, that’s why there was no pyro throughout the night. Is pyro even needed for the TV show? AJ Lee started her job as GM, Bryan got a lot of screen time, Orton returned, Punk talked and Cena didn’t talk a single word throughout the night. Raw was interesting to say the least.

AJ as new General Manager

I liked the idea of AJ as GM but if they are going to turn her into a mini Stephanie McMahon. AJ has an interesting character and making her just another GM isn’t going to work on the long run. She obviously looked good on a suit and  all but I feel she needs to be herself that way thing will be more interesting. I also feel that she shouldn’t be  a clear baby face or a heel. For me the “unstable” gimmick she had made her unpredictable but seeing how things went down on Monday AJ is another GM with personal Agendas. Is just a matter of time for her to get fired. Triple H got fired because he got a bit personal with Punk and so did John Laurinaitis with Punk and Cena, now AJ has personal issues with Punk and Bryan is matter of time for her to get fired for it. Also we all know Raw General Managers don’t last for a long time.

A.W. Rape Joke

“Like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado … he’s unstoppable” was what A.W. said that got him in trouble, just like it should have. This quote is an obvious reference to Kobe’s 2003 sexual assault case, when he was accused of raping a woman in his hotel room in Colorado. I know that a lot of people on the Internet say that is a heel just getting heat and sure it is but  people have to be fair. Chris Jericho got suspended for kicking the Brazilian flag at a live event and A.W. should be punished for his words. I’m sure that A.W. will not have any other problems after this slip because I’m sure he will not get a live mic in a while.

Replays and Social Media

It was surprising to see that Raw wasn’t filled with social media plugs throughout the show. But what we got was replays of everything that happened last week and 5 minutes before. What is worst is that the Lesnar-Triple H recap was played on two occasions. Now I know how they will fill the third hour of Raw.

CM Punk’s character development

It was clear to me that last Monday it wasn’t a heel turn it was just Punk being the real Punk. On Monday we got the Summer Punk of 2011. The way they are making this slowly turn is perfect. He is making the WWE Championship important. He isn’t saying that he deserves the spotlight just because he is Punk, he is saying the WWE Champion should always be on the spotlight. He is making once again the title important. He is also being brutally honest. He owned Jerry Lawler on commentary. The only good line that Lawler delivered was about the toaster and The Rock but the argument wasn’t about The Rock. You can’t throw insults without making sense. I just love that the Punk that doesn’t care about what others think is back.