It’s all about Respect

CM Punk

When CM Punk attacked The Rock at the end of Raw 1,000 many people on the Internet were rejoicing because they considered that action as a heel turn. But this Monday CM Punk’s explanation didn’t show any sign of a heel turn, it only showed a new side of CM Punk.

At the beginning of Raw CM Punk explained his actions. He said that he did what he did to The Rock because he showed no respect to the WWE Champion.  He demanded respect because he was the WWE Champion and as a champion he deserved the respect. That’s exactly why he did what he did to The Rock, that’s why he verbally attacked Jerry Lawler and why he kicked the Big Show at the end of the show. Is all about respect for the WWE Champion.

The development of CM Punk’s current character has been really good. He has hold on to the WWE Championship over 8 months but he has been overshadowed throughout his reign. His “Pipebomb” didn’t change anything. John Cena is still the main focus on Raw and is always on the main event. Part timers like Triple H, Brock Lesnar and The Rock keep on taking the spotlight out of his incredible title run.

By the looks of what happened on Raw this Monday CM Punk will make sure everybody respects the WWE Champion. He opened up the show by making it clear to Jerry Lawler that he isn’t going to take his bad commentary and on the main event he took his revenge on Big Show after throwing Cena over him. By the looks of it Punk will make sure everybody respects him.