08/01/12 NXT Review-Gold Rush Tournament

Gold Rush Tournament announcement– This weeks show kicks of with the Interim GM Dusty Rhodes announcing the 8-man tournament to crown the first NXT Champion. The participants of this tournament are Seth Rollins, Jinder Mahal, Richie Steamboat, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, Michael McGilicutty, Bo Dallas and Leo Krueger.

Richie Steamboat vs Leo Krueger- On this first match of the Gold Rush tournament we got a rematch of a past encounter between these two. On their last match Leo Krueger came out victorious thanks to the ropes. During that match Leo showed how smart he is and on this match he did the same. Richie Steamboat the son of Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat acted impulsive throughout the match and Leo on the other hand acted smart. The South African even made it seem that he was injured just to take advantage on Richie. But at the end his frustration got the best of him and cost him the match.

Winner: Richie Steamboat

Big E Langston Debut- After hyping up his debut Big E made his way into NXT. His debut match was against Adam Mercer who also made his first appearance on NXT this week. As expected Big E dominated the whole match. I might add that he looks more impressive than Ryback. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Big E even when his name is horrible.

Winner: Big E Langston

Audrey Marie vs Raquel Diaz- Making her debut was Audrey Marie and her opponent was Raquel Diaz. Without any doubt Raquel is great on the mic but not on the ring. After a great divas match last week this weeks match wasn’t as good. But it doesn’t matter of Raquel is awful on the ring since divas can have other roles, she can be a manager like her mother. The ending sequence felt weird since the crowd was chanting “You can’t wrestle” to Raquel while she was performing her finisher. It seemed weird because it started randomly, but reading the spoilers the chants came because she botched her finisher and they had to re-tape it. She is still good on the mic but needs some ring work before she comes up, but after all the in ring work on the divas division doesn’t matter.

Winner: Raquel Diaz

Hunico & Camacho vs Jason Jordan & Mike Dalton- The tag team belts should be on NXT since we get more tag team action here. This match was a short one but it was good. Hunico & Camacho are incredible together. They made two impressive double teams moves, they are tag team. The ending sequence with Dalton using a hurricanrana to counter a power bomb was great. I’m always in a lost of words when I see Hunico in the ring because he is awesome and the WWE makes him be a stereotypical Mexican-American.

Winners: Jason Jordan & Mike Dalton

Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins- Just another incredible main event of NXT. Last week both had a good match but this time they out did themselves. Both men looked great on the ring and had their chances. Seth Rollins each day looks like a future World Champion. Is a shame that he haven’t hit the corkscrew moonsault. But his finishing move looks impressive I just want to see the moonsault.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Grade: A