08/03/12 Smackdown Review-New GM

Vince McMahon announces the new GM- Vince McMahon is back at Smackdown to announce the new General Manager of Smackdown. As he comes up the crowd gives him the ovation he deserves. As Mr. McMahon announces Booker T as the new GM Michael Cole celebrates because he isn’t going to be on commentary, that’s something many may agree with Cole. Booker T was making his first words as GM when he was interrupted by the number one contender Alberto del Rio. The two of them have a nice interaction before Sheamus interrupts them. Booker T said that Alberto del Rio was sucking up to him but Sheamus wasn’t doing anything different than him. The segment ended as expected with Booker T schedule  a match for the two man. Alberto del Rio would face the returning Randy Orton and Sheamus would face Tensai next.  

Sheamus vs Tensai w/ Sakamoto- Having this two men involved in a match gave us a hard hitting match. Sheamus this week has proven he is a champion. On Monday he had a hard fought street fight with Daniel Bryan and this match was also a hard one.

Winner: Sheamus

Backstage Segment– At backstage Eve tries to get a new job with Booker T but he gives it to Teddy Long.

Santino Marella vs Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana- Before this rematch of last weeks show took place Antonio Cesaro said “Hello” in five different languages.  This match means only one thing Cesaro wants that US belt and that can be a great start for him. This match was a sweet and short match that served it purpose. Now with two victories over the US Champion Cesaro can get his first shot at WWE Gold.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Daniel Bryan Interview-There is no doubt that Daniel Bryan the past few weeks haven’t been that great, but it has been pretty entertaining to watch. After watching a Recap of what happened the past weeks to Daniel Bryan. After that an angry Bryan said that the fans should stop saying “Yes” and while wearing his “No! No! No!” shirt he started to yell “No!” until the lights went out for Jericho’s entrance. I think that Daniel Bryan’s No-ing is better than his Yes-ing.

Kane, Chris Jericho & Daniel Bryan vs Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler & The Miz- A 6-Man tag match between Old School and New School. This was a good match that helped three storylines develop. The IC Championship feud between The Miz continues. The Ziggler and Jericho feud continues and the craziness with Bryan couldn’t be anymore crazy. The match came to an end when Jericho was distracted by Ziggler with Bryan getting the rollup victory. After that the fans that were chanting “Yes” every time he was in the ring did the same when he won. Since Bryan is all “No” now he confronted one of the fans chanting “Yes” in what was the highlight of the show.

Winners: Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler & The Miz

The Viper Interview- The returning Randy Orton is interviewed by Matt Striker.

Ryback vs Jinder Mahal- As expected Ryback dominated Mahal until he hit him with a microphone. After this Jinder ran like the wind. Interesting development between these two the past few weeks. Is nice to see Ryback in a sort off feud with someone.

Winner (via DQ): Ryback

Darren Young w/ A.W. & Titus O’Neil vs R-Truth w/ Kofi Kingston- A.W is back even after a bad joke. With all this matches I expect a title change at Summerslam, that’s how things happened in the WWE. This was short and sweet. Darren Young’s finisher looks good but I think this week looked a little sloppy. Soon the Prime Time Players

Winner: Darren Young

Touts about CM Punk’s actions– Without any doubt John Cena’s fans are virgins like The Rock said. It isn’t real.

Backstage Segment- Booker T is with Layla at backstage when Cody Rhodes interrupts them. Booker T makes a match between Rhodes and Sin Cara for next week.

Alberto del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs Randy Orton- This was a short main event compared with last weeks main event. Without any doubt the WWE Universe is happy for having Randy Orton back, is a shame that he will disappear soon to film “12 Rounds”. Weird to see Sheamus and Randy being friends again.


Grade: +A