Thoughts After the Show: Smackdown August 3, 2012


This Friday was an interesting Smackdown. Like the past few weeks Smackdown has delivered good matches and less talking. Nothing major or shocking happened yesterday but it was still a good show. Booker T is the new GM, Daniel Bryan keeps on getting more entertaining than ever, Randy is back with a Mohawk and the rivalry between Sheamus and Alberto del Rio continued. It was a nice show.

Booker T as new Smackdown GM

The moment I heard about this I had mixed feelings. The role as general manager is perfect for Booker T, but there are two baby faces on power. In the wrestling world baby faces are supposed to be the ones struggling but now is the other way around. That’s why people are starting to cheer the bad guys. People like underdogs and now the baby faces aren’t those underdogs. With the two baby faces at power making life easier to the baby faces and a hell for the heels isn’t going to be as entertaining. Also I will miss Booker T making all those ridiculous and entertaining comments at commentary.

Alberto del Rio vs Sheamus

Does anyone care? This match and feud would’ve been interesting back in May but now it doesn’t matter, nobody cares about it. On May Alberto del Rio was back and got a victory over Sheamus, things looked interesting but it all ended. After that victory we got a great Fatal 4-Way and then a great match between Ziggler and Sheamus, now we got this. Alberto del Rio vs Sheamus doesn’t look like an interesting match up, especially when we all know Sheamus isn’t losing. Does he ever lose? Maybe the fact that Sheamus is a boring character and the only interesting thing about Alberto is Ricardo Rodriguez makes this a boring feud. This two may be great athletes but they aren’t interesting enough to be feuding.

Randy Orton’s Return

This Monday Randy made his return after his second Wellness Violation and is sad to say that I didn’t care. He just felt like he wasn’t needed. But even if I didn’t miss him I have to agree that is good he i s back. Randy is a talented in ring worker and his star power is needed especially with what looks like to be a heel turn of Punk. But I think that we shouldn’t expect his return to be a long one since he is starring a new film. He is filming “12 Rounds” sequel and I’m pretty sure than in a couple of months he will be off filming. With that in mind I wouldn’t expect big things out of his return since he is going back.

Daniel Bryan’s Anger Management Problems

The past few weeks for Daniel Bryan haven’t been that good. He got stood up on the altar by his now boss, got Rock Bottomed after The Rock made fun of him, Charlie Sheen made fun of him, got put through a psychiatric test by his ex-girlfriend now boss and got attacked by Kane. But by the looks of it Daniel Bryan has a bigger problem with the fans that chant “Yes”. I have to say that this brilliant. The WWE is using the Yes as a way of making believe that the fans are against Bryan, also the “No” version of Bryan is better. Also many will complain that he is a whiny heel but he was a whiny heel before, and the angry “No” are better than him yelling “Yes” all the time. The way things are going I expect Charlie Sheen to get involved at some point and I don’t mind. Sure Bryan deserves better but if he gets into a program with Sheen he will get a ton of mainstream media. And I’m pretty sure Sheen will not get in the ring with him, is most likely he will have a feud like the one Mickey Rourke had with Jericho. People on the Internet shouldn’t complain they should look the good side of it. Bryan will get a ton of mainstream media for the WWE and they love that. Also Bryan is being used, the most important thing is that he is important for the next PPV and for the WWE. Internet fans should just have to learn to be positive and let things play out. While some may complain about  how things look in Bryan’s future I will sit and enjoy every second of “Angry No man” Daniel Bryan.