08/06/12 Raw Preview

 Five-Point Preview for August 6, 2012

One clear statement was made last week by the WWE Champion CM Punk, he will be respected. Also the new general manager of Raw made an statement to CM Punk and Daniel Bryan on last weeks show, you don’t break the heart of a “crazy chick”. It looks like AJ is still giving the boys some trouble only this time she is their boss. Also Alberto del Rio made an statement last week that was broken thanks to the new general manager of Smackdown but since this is Raw he might get away with his “no compete” statement. And how will the new contenders for the WWE Champion react to the triple threat match in two weeks? What will happen this Monday.

Daniel Bryan is taken for a Phsychicatric test

From “Yes” man to “No” man

Just months ago nobody could stop Daniel Bryan to yell “Yes” now nobody can stop him from saying “No”. After some hard weeks Bryan has become the “No” man. With AJ on charge and Kane behind him Bryan can’t expect his week to have a good beginning. Does Kane plan on giving Bryan an “Anger Management” therapy like he said last week?

Will Alberto del Rio compete?

On Monday after his victory over the US Champion Alberto del Rio vowed to not compete until his World Heavyweight Championship match in two weeks. But on Friday the new GM Booker T made him compete. Will AJ put him on a match this Monday?

Randy Orton RKO to Heath Slater

The Viper is back

After a 60 day break Randy Orton made his return on Monday. Being the star of the new “12 Rounds” movie we can expect having him for a few months, but we can be sure we will see him this Monday. Who will face The Viper?

Prime Time Players for the gold

After losing his first title match for the tag team championships the Prime Time Players are still after the gold. With a victory this Friday over one of the champs another gold opportunity can come up. Will the Prime Time Players get the gold?

CM Punk sits on the Commentary table

It’s about Respect for the WWE Champion

CM punk has clearly stated that he as a WWE Champion hasn’t received the respect he deserves. Now with AJ Lee clearly standing up to him by making a triple threat match for Summerslam the champ is more furious than ever. A furious CM Punk will clearly make some statements this Monday. Another person that might make some statements this Monday might be one of his opponents John Cena. Last week the face of the company didn’t say a single word something unexpected from him. Will John Cena talk this Monday? What will CM Punk say about AJ’s decision?