08/06/12 Raw Review- Big Show stands tall

08/06/12 Raw Review

Opening Segment

Live from San Antonio Raw Kicks off with the Raw GM AJ. As the new GM she announces Daniel Bryan vs John Cena and Big Show vs Randy Orton. Just when she was about to announce a third match she is interrupted by the WWE Champion who gets a little mixed reaction. He apologizes for how he treated her last week and asks her to change the WWE title match for Summerslam. Is looking like Punk will be just another heel, let’s hope they let him be a heel that wins. Then John Cena makes an appearance and talks about how CM Punk has changed, he also flirted with AJ for some odd reason. He said that you need to earn respect. It seems that holding the most prestigious title in Wrestling for over 8 months doesn’t earn the respect of the people. Then the third man on the Summerslam Big Show, but nothing happened thanks to AJ. Since he didn’t have a match Punk argued over the fact that he didn’t have a match with AJ. That’s why AJ put him in a #RawActive match where the fans choose who would face him next.

#RawActive Match: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

To open up the show the options for CM Punk’s opponents were: The Miz, Kane and Rey Mysterio. As expected Rey Mysterio won, I hope we don’t get more matches with opponents options. The match between these two as expected was good is a shame that the WWE Champion got this spot but we all know this is to buildup his heel turn. As always Jerry Lawler keeps on annoying me at commentary. I hate that he says that the championship should be respected and not the champion. Where is the logic in there? At the end Punk hit the GTS and I have to admit that after the way The Rock sold the GTS no one will ever make that move as lethal.

Winner: CM Punk

Alberto del Rio with Ricardo park his I think was a Lamborghini.

Wade Barrett is coming back and by the looks of the promo they aired he will get a major push. Also the vignette makes him look more interesting.

Backstage Alberto del Rio talks with AJ who tells him he doesn’t have a match. But as she heard the word “crazy” she put him in a match, which was next.

Christian vs Alberto del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

Getting the jobber treatment former IC Champion Christian waited for his opponent Alberto del Rio who came out taking off his clothes. This was a short match that ended in a comical fashion. After Ricardo Rodriguez distracted the referee Alberto took off one of his boots to hit Christian and then put him in the cross arm breaker.

Winner (via Sub): Alberto del Rio

After the match Sheamus is shown on the Titantron stealing Del Rio’s car, something expected since he left it in the back.

Randy Orton vs Big Show

Third match of the night was one of the two matches AJ announced at the beginning of the show. Randy Orton faced Big Show in a slow and boring match. A match that ended in count out and then with Randy Orton getting on top with an RKO. When someone does that to one of the challengers for the WWE title should be included into the title, I’m just saying.

Double Countout

Ryback vs Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks

In another edition of “Unleash the Ryback” he once again faced Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. Those two would be great tag team champions if they were given the opportunity. But by the looks of it who will be a champion soon is Ryback. Another match and another squash.

Primo & Epico vs Prime Time Players w/ A.W.

In what looks like a glimpse of reconstructing the tag division we got a tag match. Prime Time Players with A.W. on their corner faced Primo & Epico. The crowd wasn’t into it but they weren’t into the show the whole night. Is was a nice tag match and by the looks of it with the champs getting involved at the end we might see a triple threat for the titles at Summerslam.

Winners: Primo & Epico

Josh Mathews Interviews Damien Sandow before his match with Clay. As always marvelous on the microphone.

Damien Sandow Attacks Brodus Clay

The Funkasaurus was making his entrance but thankfully Damien Sandow attacked him. he viciously attacked one of the legs of Brodus Clay, I think it was the leg that Otunga injured back when they had a feud. Damien Sandow since his DX encounter has become a star in my eyes. With Clay unable to compete there wasn’t a match, but is good to see these two have a rivalry going.

AJ is at backstage with Bryan who apologizes. Then he is informed that he will face Kane at Summerslam and once again he has a “Yes” “No” battle with AJ.

Eve Torres vs Kelly Kelly

Not only the divas were back at TV, Kelly Kelly came back. Kelly Kelly and Eve has a decent match after weeks of no divas action. Is a shame that the Divas Champion can’t get TV time.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

HBK, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman & Triple H segment

Since they were at San Antonio HBK made an appearance. This appearance was interrupted by Brock Lesnar who had Paul Heyman as his side. After a verbal exchange Triple H came out and nothing happened. Well HBK announced he was going to be at Triple H’s corner. Why does Shawn get involved in all Triple H’s matches?

Sheamus Touts about his whereabouts with Alberto’s car. Nice way to use Tout.

Alex Riley vs Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero

Alex Riley made an appearance on Raw with a match against Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler. At the commentary table wearing a Dolph Ziggler’s pink shirt was Chris Jericho doing commentary. The match was really entertaining especially with Jericho’s comments. “What is that on his hair?” he said referring to Ziggler’s hair, then he said “Alex Riley is trending look at that!”. Just like Punk he is entertaining in the ring, on the microphone and at commentary. At the end of the match Alex Riley pulled off the victory making Ziggler look like a fool.

Winner: Alex Riley

Another Tout of Sheamus was presented, this time it was him ruining the car with a Burrito.

Kane vs The Miz

Since nobody chose them for the first match of the night AJ made The Miz vs Kane. This was a good short match. But why make the IC Champ look like a fool by losing. If it isn’t necessary a title holder shouldn’t lose in a non-title match. This time it wasn’t even necessary to have this match.

Winner: Kane

Sheamus comes back with a ruined car. After a commercial break Alberto del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez watched how his car was ruined.

Daniel Bryan vs John Cena

For the first time ever Daniel Bryan and John Cena faced and it was pretty good. The crowd was totally into it. I think that the credit should go to Bryan since he knows how to work the crowd. The match had a nice submissions sequence before Cena hit the AA. I don’t know why have a clean finish for a first time ever match on free TV but we got it.

Winner: John Cena

Closing Segment 

After his win CM Punk interrupted John Cena and this time he had more heat than the first time. He shows the championship to Cena before he pushes him down because Big Show came down to attack. And once again Punk hits Cena when he was about to give the AA to Big Show. When the crowd boos him a angry Punk came down to the commentary table and talked to Jerry Lawler once again. He told that he was going to always stand up triumphant. When he talked to Lawler you could sense a lot of heart on his words. I expect something bigger from Punk after what happened at the end. Big Show ended on top hitting both Cena and Punk with the WMD. Hate the ending. Hate Big Show.

Grade: +C