Thoughts After the Show: Raw August 6, 2012


Last nights show was an interesting show to say the least. I think that the three hour show of last night made me realize that I don’t want the three hour show. Last nights show wasn’t bad but for me it was, and maybe I felt that way because by the second hour I was tired of the show. I can’t complain it was a bad show because there was a lot of matches, there were Divas, young superstars shined and we got a tag team match. But even with all that the show for me was bad and I have to blame the three hours of show.

But on the good side Shawn Michaels came back last night on his hometown San Antonio. But on the downside he is once again involved in a Triple H storyline. Why they keep doing this? I’m not against having more HBK appearances what I’m against is the WWE trying to make fans believe that Shawn will put on the boots again. In wrestling when a third person is involved in a match you expect that person to get involved and that happened in this years WrestleMania match between the Undertaker and Triple H, but there was no pay off. There will never be a pay off of Shawn Michaels involvement because he isn’t coming back he is happy enjoying his retirement. It will be nice to see Michaels at Summerslam but it isn’t needed.

Even when I didn’t enjoy Michaels involvement I really didn’t enjoy the end of the show. Is nice to see Big Show getting the upper hand because let’s be honest nobody thinks he is winning, but this wasn’t the time. After the awesome Promo CM Punk cut on the commentators headset he needed to get the upper hand to end the show with an exclamation point. This ending was perfect for the “go home show”. The ending of last nights show would’ve been awesome if CM Punk ended on top after his awesome words at the commentary table.