08/08/12 NXT Review-Gold Rush Tournament Quarter Finals

08/08/12 NXT Review

Michael McGilicutty vs Justin Gabriel

Continuing the Gold Rush Tournament of last week this match opened up the show. Michael McGilicutty against Justin Gabriel was an interesting match. Throughout the match there was more grappling and less high flying something unexpected coming from Justin Gabriel. Also during the match some “Mr. Perfect” chants were heard but not acknowledged by the commentators. The chants weren’t acknowledge but the fact that McGilicutty is the son of Mr. Perfect was acknowledge in more than one occasion. The match was pretty entertaining and had nice action. Is good to see a more grounded Justin Gabriel because that made  this match so good, or maybe because is unexpected of him made this match feel different from his other matches. But at the end when the high flying came into place he ended up eating a running neck breaker.

Winner: Michael McGilicutty

Kassious Ohno vs CJ Parker

This was a good match but it had nothing special. Obviously Kassious formerly known as Chris Hero is a star and this KO gimmick is pretty interesting. But CJ Parker isn’t interesting for me to care about the match. Another thing does “he worked around the world” mean “he is a Indy guy”? Now the WWE has acknowledge CM Punk’s and Daniel Bryan’s past in the independent scene during their feud but before they were wrestlers that worked all around the world.

Winner: Kassious Ohno

The promos for The Ascension are out of this world. Why they aren’t on the main roster? A tag team like them can be very interesting in the big leagues.

Kaitlyn & Caylee Turner vs Paige & Tamina Snuka

Is always nice to see a Divas match on NXT because they’re always entertaining. On this divas tag team match we saw the debut of Caylee Turner the sister of Alicia Fox. Out of the four in this match you could see that Caylee is the one with least experience, but she still did a good job. Is interesting to see that Paige is the most over Diva even if she isn’t as featured like Sofia or Raquel. Maybe she is over for her work on FCW which I haven’t seen. This match was good but I really want to see a Raquel vs Natalya rematch, that match between those two was pretty good.

Winners: Paige & Tamina Snuka

Bo Dallas vs Jinder Mahal

This is the last match of this week and last quarter finals match. I have to admit that I didn’t care about this match because I really don’t like either men involved but it was an entertaining match. Jinder Mahal dominated most part of the match until Bo Dallas got the best of him to only lose at the end.

Winner (via Sub): Jinder Mahal

Grade: -A