08/10/12 Smackdown Review-Alberto on top

08/10/12 Smackdown Review

Opening Segment

Since they are in Houston the new GM Booker T who is from Houston opens up the show with a spinaroonie. Booker talks about what happened on Monday between Sheamus and Alberto’s Ferrari and said that Sheamus had to apologize to the fans and Alberto del Rio. As soon Sheamus apologizes a mad Alberto appears and says he filed a complain with the San Antonio Police Department. All these ended in a title match later on the night. They keep on building a feud between these two and is still not interesting.

Cody Rhodes vs Sin Cara

By the looks of it with Rhodes promo before the match he is back into the Cody that had a feud with Rey Mysterio, is a shame that they don’t know what to do with him. This match wasn’t anything special. Sin Cara did all his arm drags and high flying maneuvers while Cody Rhodes tried to get his mask. At least the victory for Sin Cara came as some type of rollup. That makes the two of them look strong with Cara winning by luck.

Winner: Sin Cara

Daniel Bryan Segment

After a recap of what has happened to Daniel Bryan the past few weeks he comes out to big “Yes” chants. The WWE did a great job with this angle because people who like Bryan are still chanting “Yes” and people that dislike Bryan are chanting “Yes”. After battling the fans chanting “Yes” Bryan starts to rant about AJ and that was the cue for Kane to come. Then it was cue for AJ to come out. Is there still a love triangle involved in this feud? After talking a lot AJ wants the two of them to shake hands and because is the WWE that ends in a brawl

Booker T is at backstage with Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. Curt and Tyler got three appearances this week. They appeared at Raw, Superstars and Smackdown that’s more than what I can say about Zack Ryder.

Jinder Mahal vs Two Local Workers

Is official Jinder Mahal is feuding with Ryback. This week he faced two jobbers and during the match he mocked Ryback. After his 10 second win Jinder attacks the other jobber to put him the camel clutch with the other one. That was the cue for Ryback to come out. But unfortunately Ryback finished Mahal’s job by destroying both men with his finisher. It looks like Ryback is over and ready to stay.

Winner (via Sub): Jinder Mahal

The Highlight Reel

For a second time this year we have The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho and his golden jacket. Jericho is starting to talk about his guest tonight when Vickie Guerrero interrupts him. Nobody can get the heat that woman gets. She says that Ziggler would not lower himself to appear on the segment and Jericho accepts  Vickie as a replacement since she is Dolph’s manager. After Jericho makes fun of Vickie Guerrero and shows a clip of what went down on Monday Vickie tells him he will face Dolph at Summerslam. Talking about stealing the show. Jericho accepts the challenge and makes it official that Y2J is back. As he announces that Dolph comes out of the crowd and fails hitting Jericho with his briefcase. After Jericho gets the upper hand Vickie Guerrero slaps him this gives Ziggler the opportunity to hit the Zig Zag. There is no doubt this segment was the highlight of the night. 

Prime Time Players w/ A.W. vs Primo & Epico with R-Truth & Kofi Kingston at Commentary

Is nice that the WWE has some development in the tag team division. The Prime Time Players faced Primo & Epico for a shot for the tag team championships. The action didn’t last long because when Primo was on control the champions jumped in the ring and attacked the Prime Time Players. This caused a DQ and a win for A.W’s team. But by the looks of it this still hasn’t ended between these three.

Winner (via DQ): Prime Time Players

Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana vs Christian

Just like last week before his match Antonio talked to the fans in five different languages, the word for tonight’s show was “Victory”. I’m starting to feel in Sesame Street with Damien’s vocabulary and Antonio showing new words in different languages. After two victories over the US Champion Antonio Cesaro face former IC Champ and World Champ Christian is a really good match. Both men involved in the match looked very good, especially Cesaro hanging in with a veteran like Christian. Even at defeat Cesaro looked very good. Also he ended having the upper hand because he attacked Christian afterwards.

Winner: Christian

Backstage Eve Torres is trying to get a job with Booker T but he says he doesn’t have a job for her. Then Teddy Long appears with Kaitlyn who gets a job. Eve obviously upset says she will complain to the Board of Directors. Because of this Booker T makes Kaitlyn vs Eve for next weeks show, the winner will get the job.

Rey Mysterio vs The Miz

The two returning superstars faced each other in a good match. Is good seeing all the stars back after months without much star power. This match was pretty good, these two have really good chemistry. Also Rey Mysterio winning with a lucky and smart rollup helps The Miz. Even when non-title matches where the champion loses seem unnecessary this loss can be the start of new fresh feud for the IC title.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Title Match?

It looks like Del Rio not only changed his ring gear to black he also changed his scarf to black, now he looks more cool. But Alberto wasn’t the only one wearing black because the “Police” came down even when he said he wanted his title match. But it was just a trap by Del Rio. After Sheamus beats the hired men by Del Rio and then beats him, but the contracted men once again attack getting the better of Sheamus. The show closed with Alberto getting the best of Sheamus like it should be closed.

Grade: +B