Thoughts After the Show: Smackdown August 10, 2012

TAS: Smackdown

Like always I enjoyed a very entertaining Smackdown. The blue brand just looks to be more enjoyable because the booking is so simple. Tonight there were three segments that helped three different feuds go on and there were good matches on the show. Also the two hours makes the experience of seeing the show much better. Well this week blue brand had some good things. Young superstars looking strong, Daniel Bryan being awesome as always and Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho is happening.

This week on Smackdown we saw the last of A.W since he got released on Friday. Is a shame that the WWE got rid of what made the Prime Time Players a great team. I’m sure that Abraham Washington release will not affect their push but it will affect the team. 

One thing that bothered me on Friday was AJ. The thing about her having control over Daniel Bryan make the brand split more meaningless. How can the Raw GM make a match between Smackdown talent? That’s why I feel that the two GM’s aren’t needed since the brand split doesn’t exist.

This year my biggest mark out moment until CM Punk attacked The Rock was Chris Jericho’s return. Jericho is one of my all-time favorites and seeing him back to face my favorite superstar CM Punk was really big for me. Now my second favorite superstar is feuding with my third favorite superstar Dolph Ziggler. The instant Vickie Guerrero announced their match in a couple of weeks I started to jump around like a little kid. At last one match I’m looking forward for this Summerslam.

Does anyone care about the WHC feud? I try to get interested in the feud between Sheamus and Alberto del Rio but I can’t. There is no way that Alberto will win on Summerslam even when they make him look like a threat. Sheamus is worst than Cena, at least Cena lost to The Rock and John Laurinaitis.