08/13/12 Raw Preview

Just a week away for the biggest event of the Summer this Raw is must see TV. CM Punk made be having a last Monday with his WWE Championship and Sheamus might encounter a most difficult opponent than Alberto del Rio. This Monday might be the last one we will see both champions hold their championships.

Who will face Sheamus at Summerslam?

After stealing Alberto’s Ferrari Sheamus got punished by the Mexican in a brutal attack on Friday. But Alberto del Rio also got punished for his actions when Booker T cancelled his title match against Sheamus. Now the Irish might defend his Championship against another opponent or he might not be capable of defending it at all.

Daniel Bryan is still angry

The past few weeks the WWE Universe has seen another side of Daniel Bryan. From his signature “Yes” ways he has changed to “No” ways. But who could blame him. In just one month he has lost a WWE title match, was stood up on the altar, got Rock bottomed and the woman that stood him up is his new boss. Any body in his place would be angry too. But now he has to concentrate all his anger on his Summerslam opponent Kane.

Will we see Zack Ryder?

With DJ Pauly D—is the D for douchbag?–as Media Ambassador Zack Ryder might get some TV time.

Will HBK and Lesnar have an encounter before this Sunday?

Last Monday Shawn Michaels announced to the world he would be at Triple H’s corner. But on Monday Brock Lesnar accompanied by Paul Heyman said he would see him before Summerslam. With Shawn Michaels appearance this Monday we might see this two have an encounter. Will HBK end up eating a F-5

Who will come up as WWE Champion?

There is no doubt that CM Punk’s title is at risk on Sunday when he faces John Cena and Big Show. This past Monday CM Punk’s word weren’t enough since Big Show knocked him out and John Cena to close last weeks show. Maybe the WWE Champion didn’t give the credit Show deserved and that might cost him on Sunday.