Hardcore Justice Review

Hardcore Justice Review

Gunner & Kid Kash vs Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

This was the perfect match to start the night. A match that not a lot of people cared about, but that had someone that people cares about. The match had Gunner and Kid Kash on the offensive on Chavo throughout 95% of the match. The only offense Chavo had was the “Tres Amigos”. It looks like they are using Chavo to help Hernandez get over, well that’s how it looked like. After a long time in the ring Chavo tagged Hernandez who cleaned house like a hot tag does. Best part of the match was Hernandez doing the suicide dive and Chavo getting the tag just to give Kid Kash a frog splash and get the win. A really good match to start the show. Rating: **1/4

Winners: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

BFG Match: Falls Count Anywhere Match

This was supposed to be a four way with RVD, The Pope, Magnus and Mr. Anderson, but Aces & Eights made that impossible. On backstage they attacked The Pope and made him incapable to compete. But I’m pretty sure that happened because 1-) he is not that important 2-) the match with four would’ve been a massive cluster fuck. With RVD, Magnus and Mr. Anderson. The match was pretty good for a triple threat. The three men had their time to shine, but the highlight of the match was Magnus trying to get a chair and the fan not giving it to him. Rating: ***1/2

Winner: Rob Van Dam +20 (55 total points)

Television title Match

At last we see the Television champion Devon defend his title. His opponent was the “World tag team champion of the world” Kazarian. Since Christopher Daniels the other half of the tag champs is in the BFG series is good seeing Kaz get a singles shot.This match wasn’t anything out of the extraordinary but it was entertaining. It amaze me how Devon and Bully Ray keep up after being part of one of the most hard hitting rivalries in the wrestling business. Rating: ***

Winner (and still Television Champion): Devon

Knockouts title Match

The title match can be resume in one thing: Earl Hebner does it again. When Tessmacher had Madison pinned the challenger put her foot on the rope to which Hebner called right, but Tessmacher didn’t see the foot. Arguing with Hebner ended up costing her the match since Madison used the ropes to win the title. Not sure why the title change but this wasn’t a good knockouts match. Rating: *

Winner (and new Knockouts Champion): Madison Rayne

BFG Match: Tables Match

Robbie E, Jeff Hardy, James Storm and Bully Ray were all involved in this match. The only thing that pops up into mind about this match is how could Robbie E ruined a spot so easy? He just had to move a table. The worst thing about that botch was that who went through the table was the one who won at the end. But Robbie not only managed to break that table, he also jumped through a table. With Robbie T’s sudden involvement with Jeff Hardy I see a feud coming afterwards this match, against which Robbie we can’t really know. As expected Aces & Eights got involved in the match, they also gave a thumbs up to James Storm. But in reality I can see Bully Ray be the one behind Aces & Eights. At the end the expert on tables won. We also got a nice spot with Bully screaming at Robbie E “Bring me the table”. Rating: ***1/4

Winner: Bully Ray +20 (48 total points)

X Division Championship

As always the X Division had a good match. Kenny King and Zema Ion are just two good athletes. I hope that next PPV we get Sonjay Dutt vs Zema Ion. Rating: ***1/4

BFG Match: Ladder Match

Match of the night. When you have Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe in a ring you know you will get your money’s worth. This match was extremely good and it might be in the top ten matches of the year. Highlight of the match for me was the spot that never misses when Daniels and Joe are together in a match. Joe moving out of the way of Daniel’s moonsalt will always be a highlight for me. Rating: ****1/4

Winner: AJ Styles +20 (36 total points)

World Heavyweight title Match

This match shows why many love TNA and why many hate it. The match between Bobby Roode and Austin Aries was extremely good during the 20 first minutes, but then it got ruined. It wasn’t ruined really badly but it had a really bad taste. At the end we got two referee counts, then a double pin, followed by a suicide dive directly at the WHC and finally Aries retaining. Why have all that? If they want a rematch why not end it with a controversial double pin. Aries retained cleanly after a lot of drama that wasn’t needed. Besides we all knew that at the end we were getting another rematch. Rating: ****

Winner (and still World Heavyweight Champion): Austin Aries

Grade: –B