Thoughts After the Show: Hardcore Justice

Hardcore Justice

Last night TNA had their pay-per-view “Hardcore Justice”. TNA keeps on delivering good quality pay-per-views, is like they aren’t TNA. But even with Hardcore Justice being a good pay-per-view Slammiversary is my favorite TNA PPV of this year. Well last night a lot of things happened especially on the main event.

Out of the three BFG series matches the two who were the highlight of the night were the tables match and the ladder match. But maybe the thing that stood out the most was Robbie fucking up moving a table and subsequently Bully Ray going through one of the corners. But what was the bittersweet moment of the night for me was the ladder match. My favorite TNA Wrestlers Christopher Daniels, Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe with the person I totally despise in the wrestling world AJ Styles had an extremely good match. The match was so good but seeing AJ win totally ruined it. I know AJ is really good in the ring but I don’t like him. I don’t like his move set, I don’t like his stupid gloves, I don’t like his promos and I just don’t like him.

Another great match was the main event. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries were having an incredible match. But then TNA decided to do what they are known for. Once again the overbook a finish. If they wanted a rematch they should’ve ended the PPV with the double pin. But even with a  overbooked finish at the end this PPV was worth the money.