08/13/12 Raw Review-Brock Lesnar breaks HBK’s arm

08/13/12 Raw Review

CM Punk vs Big Show

Earlier on the day this match was announced to open up the show. Weird to see an actual match open up the show, but it didn’t last long. In one of the most awkward interruptions I’ve seen in a while Daniel Bryan came out and after complaining for a little bit he entered the ring and put Punk in the “No” lock and made him tap. This obviously caused the DQ. Then Big Show hit Punk and then Cena came to clean the house. After that AJ came out and announced the main event Big Show & Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk & John Cena. With a match we got what would’ve happened in a 20 minute promo at the start of the show.


In a art imitates life segment JTG is at backstage complaining about not being on TV with Kaitlyn. This is an obvious reference of JTG’s tweets. Suddenly AJ appears and puts him in the next match. Before the match we got a reunion of the Chickbusters.

JTG vs Ryback

A.W has to be jealous of the way JTG was punished. At least he is employed and appeared on TV. Now Ryback’s theme song has him saying “feed me more”. Also there were “Goldberg” chants, but the “Feed me more” chants were louder. There is no doubt that Ryback is over.

Winner: Ryback

Rowdy Roddy Piper is at backstage with HBK. Shawn talks on the cellphone with HHH who tells him he would be there late.

Heath Slater vs R-Truth

This match was really short. I think that the legends squashes were longer than this one. But this match was just  to make the Prime Time Players look good attacking R-Truth who was alone. Kofi wasn’t on the building but they never said where he was.

Winner: R-Truth

Sin Cara vs Tensai w/ Sakamoto

Another Sin Cara match and another win for him. Also another Tensai loss and another rage attack on Sakamoto.

Winner: Sin Cara

Piper’s Pit

Earlier on the night the fans voted which guest they wanted to see on the Pit. The options were: #Y2JPit, #MizPit and #DolphPit. Obviously the baby face got the most votes and we got Jericho on the pit. It was nice to see Jericho and Piper talk about their past rivalry. But there wasn’t a lot of talk because Vickie Guerrero interrupted them to introduce Dolph Ziggler. There is no doubt that he is the future and he let it be known tonight. Out of all the rivalries for Summerslam this feels like the one with the better buildup. Then they were interrupted by The Miz. At the end the votes didn’t matter because they all came out. To close up the segment Jericho cleans up the ring.

Chris Jericho vs The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero

Coming back from commercial this match was up and thanks to a tweet by AJ. Is great that a not so good Piper’s Pit gave us this match. If only Raw delivered matches like this one all nights. This excellent match just helped two young superstars. The Miz looked great and Ziggler even better with his win over Jericho.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Backstage CM Punk is stretching when Eve Torres interrupts him. She said that likes this new Punk to which he says he is always been the same Punk.

HBK is walking at backstage when he is surprised by John Cena. After HBK disappears Punk appears. CM Punk has some words with Cena. He makes it clear that he isn’t a coward and just wants to be respected.

Eve Torres & Beth Phoenix vs Kaitlyn & Layla

Some Divas action. Not so good Divas action. This match was used to further the feud between Kaitlyn and Eve since they will have a match on Friday (Tuesday). Maybe this is also a way to indicate that Beth and Layla might get a match on Sunday.

Winners: Layla & Kaitlyn

Big Show & Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk & John Cena

This is exactly what wrestling is about telling a story in the ring. The match between this four didn’t matter as much what was happening between Cena and Punk. Those two are the best things on the WWE. All the facial expressions of Punk during Cena’s entrance were spot on. The two tagging themselves were awesome spots. Also Daniel Bryan having his own problems with Big Show was pretty good. But what was the highlight of the night was CM Punk making three out of the five moves of Cena. But before he could hit the five knuckle shuffle Cena made a tag. Then it was time for Cena to copy Punk’s move. He did the most awful knee in the corner I’ve ever seen and then he followed it up with a even uglier bulldog. Feeling disrespected Punk took his title and walked out to one of the barriers. But even with the distraction by Punk Cena wins. Then Big Show goes to attack him but Punk hits him with the belt, then he offers his hand for Cena to shake and he didn’t do it.

Winner: John Cena & CM Punk

Josh Mathews Interviews CM Punk

At backstage Josh catches up Punk and interviews him. Best lines about what happened were “Looks like he learned a new move, though”, and a little reference to ROH with the following quote “John Cena not shaking my hand is the ultimate sign of disrespect where I come from.”

Damien Sandow vs Christian

An unexpected match between this two proved how low Christian is now. Even after an appearance of Brodus Clay Christian ended up losing.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Contract Signing

The first to come out were Lesnar and Heyman. Thankfully Heyman did everything on his power to hype up a match a lot of people lost interest the past couple of months. The for some reason Shawn Michaels appeared followed by Triple H. The contract was signed by both men and nothing else happened. This signing has to be the only one that went sort off smoothly.

Brock Lesnar’s Attack

After the contract signing the show didn’t end. It actually went into commercial. After that HHH and HBK were shown at backstage talking before Shawn left. Then Matt Striker interviewed Big Show just to be interrupted with HBK and Paul Heyman arguing after they crashed their cars. Then Lesnar appeared and apparently by the sound of it since the screen went black beat the hell out of Shawn Michaels. Then he did the F5 and broke his arm with the Kimura.

Grade: B