Thoughts After the Show: Raw August 13, 2012

Thoughts After the Show

Another three hour Raw and another week with me almost falling asleep. The thing is that Raw hasn’t been that bad is just that three hours weekly are to much. This week we got more matches, young superstars getting showcased, a divas match, a tag team feud and a weird end of the show. This week had a lot of things going on since Sunday is Summerslam.

So this Sunday is Summerslam and I’m not interested, except for the Ziggler vs Jericho match. Is that every match doesn’t look interesting. Also last year we got Punk vs Cena in an incredible match that is very underrated by many fans, and this year we have Lesnar vs Triple H in a feud that has been build with weekly recaps. This year the card just looks weak.

But even I’m not excited for the actual event I’m excited to see Ziggler vs Jericho. I think that a lot of people are very interested to see this. A match between new school and old school is always interesting and this feud sure is interesting. I just hope this match isn’t the last one for Jericho, but I’m pretty sure he is gone after this Summer. At least he gave us and awesome half year.

But what I’m actually more interested to see on Summerslam is Punk and Cena. Let’s be honest those two are on their best when they are feuding each other. Hope that with Big Show out of the way we get Cena vs Punk IV on Cena’s hometown. I’m also interested in how Punk will make Summerslam about him when Triple H and Lesnar are the main event.

Also last night I came to the conclusion that there is no way possible for the WWE to make me interested in the main event. Not even Lesnar attacking my favorite wrestler of All-Time HBK. Is just this whole Lesnar thing lost steam. Why pay so much money on someone if you’re going to stop his steam. Lesnar didn’t even need to win on Extreme Rules. Lesnar just needed to be on TV and not in every recap of the past fourth months.

In conclusion this show didn’t sell the pay-per-view to me, but I’m still going to Buy it. Is good to earn extra money. Is one of the “Big Four” I have to see it.