08/15/12 NXT Review-Gold Rush tournament semifinals

08/15/12 NXT Review
  • Scotty 2 Hotty returns
  • Seth Rollins vs Michael McGilicutty

    Jinder Mahal vs Richie Steamboat

    Continuing the Gold Rush tournament to crown the first NXT champion the show kicks of with Briley Pierce interviewing Richie Steamboat, who tells him that becoming champion is what he always dreamed and today he can get one step closer to make his wish come true. After that the show starts with the first of two semifinals matches. The first match was between Richie Steamboat and Jinder Mahal. This match was good even with having Jinder Mahal in it. During the match Richie made a lot of different pining combinations. The match came to an end when Richie failed delivering a high risk maneuver and subsequently opening the door for Jinder Mahal. Mahal put him in the camel clutch to get the win. Nice match to start the show.

    Winner (via Sub): Jinder Mahal

    Heath Slater’s open challenge

    Just like on Raw Heath Slater came out to make an open challenge for any person in the back. Out of all the wrestlers Scotty 2 Hotty answered the challenge. This match was so much fun that is a shame that it didn’t get on Raw. Also was fun listening William Regal say he wants to punch Slater and hot annoying he is. The fans were totally on Scotty’s side, they even rose the roof with him. At the end Scotty 2 Hotty hit the worm to get the win.

    Winner: Scotty 2 Hotty

    The Ascension vs The Usos

    There is no doubt that NXT is the only place where the WWE showcases really good tag teams. Once again The Ascension doesn’t fail to impress. Kenneth and Conor are incredible talents that deserve to show this concept to a bigger mass of people. Also The Usos are a great tag team that deserves TV time and a run with the tag titles. The match was short and ended in a weird DQ. After the loss The Ascension brutally attacked the Uso that was left in the ring.

    Winners (via DQ): The Usos

    Michael McGilicutty vs Seth Rollins

    Second semifinals match and the match of the week was Rollins facing McGilicutty. This was a really good main event with crowd really into it. The crowd was yelling something along the lines of “swash” every time Michael hit Seth Rollins. Each day these two impress more. Seth Rollins is incredible and Michael McGilicutty has improved a lot. At the end Seth Rollins hit the blackout to get in the finals for the NXT Championship. At the end Jinder Mahal the man he will face for the championship came out to have a face off to close the show.

    Winner: Seth Rollins

    Final Thoughts:

    Really good show this week as always. The tag division in NXT is by far better than the one on WWE or TNA. Also Michael McGilicutty keeps on getting better each day. Next week will be an interesting show since the first NXT Champion is crown. Obviously the 99% of the NXT audience knows who wins but seeing it play out will be must see.

    This weeks Grade: –A