Summerslam Predictions

Summerslam Predictions

This Sunday the biggest event of the Summer takes place. Headlining the event is the now very personal feud between Brock Lesnar and Triple H. Additional to this match there are two world title matches in the card. Sheamus defends his World Heavyweight title against the Mexican aristocrat Alberto del Rio. And the WWE Champion has his biggest challenge yet when he defends his 9 month title reign against Big Show and John Cena. This three matches with four more will make Summerslam and interesting event to watch.

Santino Marella © vs Antonio Cesaro for the US Championship

Before Summerslam begins the WWE will once again have a Pre-Show match streamed on YouTube. This time Santino Marella will defend the US Championship against Antonio Cesaro who is getting his first chance for gold in the WWE. With this match being in the Pre-Show there is a 90% possibility of Santino Marella retaining the title. But I feel Antonio Cesaro will win the US title down the line, that’s why I see this match as a test for Antonio.

Prediction: Santino Marella retains

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth © vs Darren Young & Titus O’Neil for the Tag Team Championships

Once again the Prime Time Players are after the Tag Team Championships. The difference this time is that A.W is no longer with them. The Prime Time Players at one time this year will become champions, but maybe becoming champions on Sunday isn’t on WWE’s plans. Without A.W the Prime Time Player don’t look as strong as they looked with him and maybe that can make the WWE not give them the titles without a manager. But being Summerslam a big pay-per-view where not a lot of the major titles are expected to change the tag titles might change.

Prediction: Darren Young & Titus O’Neil become the new Tag Team Champions

The Miz © vs Rey Mysterio for the IC Championship

The Miz came back better than ever after filming The Marine 3. After winning the IC title and successfully defend it The Miz has a new challenger. A year ago this two faced in this event in a 6-man tag match, after that all went downhill for both competitors. Rey Mysterio got injured and then was suspended for his second wellness policy violation. The Miz on the other side couldn’t win a match in almost a year. Now both are back and want to stay on top. Rey Mysterio has nice record on Los Angeles, but being so close to his hometown will not help him. Also the WWE really wants to push The Miz since he is starring one of their movies. This match is predictable just like the 98% of the card.

Prediction: The Miz retains

Kane vs Daniel Bryan

Why is this match happening? Right is all thanks to AJ Lee. This two men have history and it involves the person that made this match. But even with the history between them this match seems weird. With all the bad luck that Bryan has had this couple of weeks the result seems obvious. Also there is a possibility of having Charlie Sheen involved on this match and we all know that when celebrities get involved the superstars don’t get a happy ending. But even if Charlie Sheen doesn’t appear Daniel Bryan’s fate might not change.

Prediction: Kane wins (AJ or Charlie Sheen might interfere)

Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler

This is the match that at the end of the night we will remember as the Show Stealer. This is also the most important match on Ziggler’s career. Now that he has the briefcase he needs to show that he is the next World Heavyweight Champion. He has to prove that he can carry Smackdown on his shoulders. Chris Jericho on the other side has to prove that he hasn’t lost it. This match has two great performers that want to steal the show, those are the ingredients you need for a great show. Seeing how things have been built a Jericho victory it what I expect, but he is gone after this. Ziggler has dominated the feud and Jericho getting the win over him would be a great addition to their feud, but if Jericho is indeed going after this Sunday the result would be the one everybody expects. I really want to say Jericho on this one but he looks like he is gone after this.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler wins

Sheamus © vs Alberto del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship

Does anyone cares about this match? That is the question that I have in mind every time they give a recap, segment or mention this feud. I think is little sad that fans care more about Mr. Money in the Bank than the World Heavyweight Champion, but is their fault. Sheamus is being built into the Irish Version of John Cena and there is some people that don’t like that. The thing is that seeing him lose the Championship is unthinkable because he never loses. The person that really thinks Alberto has a chance doesn’t live in this world, he could’ve a chance last month but not now.

Prediction: Sheamus retains

Big Show vs CM Punk vs John Cena

Big Show vs CM Punk © vs John Cena for the WWE Championship

After interrupting the #1 Contenders match CM Punk got himself in trouble. Now his WWE Championship is at risk. How things have been going is unlikely to see a title change on Sunday. Big Show isn’t trusted enough to hold the World Heavyweight Championship and he sure isn’t trusted to hold the WWE Championship. On the other side John Cena will not win the title because is so painfully obvious he will redeem himself at WrestleMania when he beats The Rock for the title, that predictable Cena’s booking has become. Is just so sad that the WWE is so predictable. But at least CM Punk will continue with his incredibly long title reign and hopefully he faces The Rock soon.

Prediction: CM Punk retains

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

The big match that everyone wanted to see months ago and don’t care that much now. That is the perfect way to describe this match, but even not having so much steam this match will be good. Both men are going to deliver a hard hitting match that might be more bloody than Lesnar’s beating on Cena. How things have being built it would seem that HHH is going over and knowing HHH’s ego he might go over, but he also is a business man he knows what’s better. But even if Lesnar wins what will happen next. Who will be Lesnar’s next opponent? He could face The Rock, The Undertaker on WrestleMania or he can go after WWE title. There are a lot of things Lesnar can do but he needs to win on Sunday, or at least he has to destroy Triple H.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar wins