Funny Moment of the Week: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks debut a new gimmick

This week I really didn’t get a chance to watch Impact or Smackdown, but I did watch bits of the show. TNA as always delivers the funniest moments on TV and sometimes is not for the right reasons. The past couple of months I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at the AJ Styles storyline. This week wasn’t the exception when I heard the stipulation for the 1,000 match Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles had this year. But even funnier than the fact that an unborn son might not get a father figure because AJ isn’t the father was Brooke Hogan’s fall. Also on Sunday two of the most funniest things happened on Hardcore Justice. First was Magnus fighting with a fan to get a chair. Then it was Kaz falling on his ass during the TV title match. Finally was Robbie E botching moving a table. How can you botch a move like that? But even with TNA having a lot moments that made me laugh uncontrollably the WWE gave me a better laugh.

Last Friday Booker T told Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks that if they wanted to be on Smackdown they needed to step up their game. That’s why this week they debuted their Magic Mike gimmick. Seeing them strip down was pretty funny. Also I think this isn’t an actual gimmick they’re going to have, I think that they will have different gimmicks. For me the storyline should and it might be that they will try different gimmicks to show Booker T they deserve to be on Smackdown. I think that the WWE might have something planned with these two and the tag division.