CM Punk’s historic WWE title reign

“And now that I have the WWE title I want you to know that the game of WWE hot potato is over. This title is where it belongs. It sits on the shoulder of the best in the world and is going to stay there.”  That was the statement CM Punk did on November 21, 2011 the night after he became WWE Champion. Now 9 months later he has backed up that statement. Not only has CM Punk retained the WWE Championship for over 9 months he has also beaten over 11 different men in matches with the odds against him. He has retained his title even with  a GM trying to make his life hell, 5 men on a chamber trying to get his title, a superstar that came back to defeat him by using his past and family, a love triangle with a crazy chick that ended up throwing him through a table and a past adversary that wants his title back. Even with everything against him he has proven that he is indeed the “Best in the World”. Who will put an end to his historic title reign?

Is difficult to think of someone that can beat him. Over the 9 months of his title reign CM Punk has beaten the following superstars: Alberto del Rio, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, Kane, John Cena and Big Show. Out of those 11 men 9 are former World Champions. But he not only has defeated 11 men he has also defended his championship in different matches with stipulations like the following: if gets disqualified loses title, a triple threat TLC match, John Laurinaitis as Guest Referee on the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, no disqualification match, a Chicago Street Fight, AJ as Guest Referee and a triple threat. Over 9 months even with the whole world against him  he still manages to deliver and stay champion.

But what makes CM Punk’s title reign impressive is the fact that he is making history. He is now part of the elite group of greatest WWE Champions. His title reign currently is the 13th longest reign in history. In an Era where Cena is champion every 3 months he has hold up that title for 9 months. In a week he will surpass JBL’s historic 280 days title reign. And if he retains the WWE Championship until January and defends it against The Rock he will have the longest title reign since 1984, that’s 28 years. A lot of fans might not acknowledge it but CM Punk is one of the greatest WWE Champions. All the fans that are watching his run as Champion are watching history being made, they’re a seeing a future legend have the run of his life. He said that the games were over and that the championship wasn’t moving anywhere now we see he was speaking the truth. What CM Punk says he is doing he does it. He said he would leave with the WWE Championship and he did it, he said he would beat Cena at Summerslam 2011 he did it, he said he would become champion at Survivor Series 2011 and he did, he said the WWE Championship wasn’t moving anywhere and it hasn’t move and he said he was the “Best in the World” and he sure is. Now where are the ice-cream bars?


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  1. I beleive they will keep the title on him until mania, i think he will go over rock at the rumble. And by going over the rock, he’s going over everybody but austin. leaving room or him to face austin at mania and potentially go over.

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