Summerslam Review


Tonight was Summerslam and it sure delivered. The matches were good, the audience was good and the closing was good. I’m not sure if is better than this years Extreme Rules but it was good.  Also Fred Durst showed the flipped the bird to the camera.

Pre-Show United States Championship Match—Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana vs Santino Marella ©: WWE once again had a free match streamed on YouTube. This time it was a match for the US title. Antonio and Santino had a really nice match, I wouldn’t say it was a title worthy match but it was good. There were two fun spots like Antonio ripping apart the Cobra and Aksana flirting with the cobra subsequently costing Santino the match. Is a new beginning for Antonio Cesaro and things look more brighter than ever. Now the possibility of the European title making a comeback can come true. Rating: **

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho:The started the right way with these two opening up the show. This match was perfect. The action and story told was great. The fans were totally into the match. Most of the time they were cheering Jericho but at sometime the crowd seem a little split. At the end Jericho locked Ziggler in the Lion Tamer but called by Cole the Walls of Jericho to make him tap and get the victory. A match between these two on Monday is inevitable. Rating: ****

Daniel Bryan vs Kane: There is no doubt that Daniel Bryan is one of the most popular superstars on the roster. He just appears and the crowd erupts with “Yes” chants. This match like I expected was good, I couldn’t be surprise by the caliber of the match because these two were involved in an extremely good triple threat for the WWE Championship this summer. I was surprised by the result, after weeks of bad luck Bryan won. The best thing about this is that Kane didn’t look weak because Bryan won with a package. After his loss Kane went backstage and destroyed everything on his way including poor Josh Mathews. Rating: ***1/4

IC Championship Match—Rey Mysterio vs The Miz ©: It looks like since Rey-Rey missed WrestleMania he decided to use his annual costume on Summerslam, he was Batman. The match between these two was pretty good as expected because last weeks match between the two of them was pretty good. The final sequence was pretty sweet. The finish is what makes a match good and The Miz retaining cleanly with a Skull Crushing Finale. Rating: ***

World Heavyweight Championship Match—Sheamus © vs Alberto del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez: Like expected not a lot of people cared about this match. The fact that people were more excited for the first three matches of the PPV and not for a World Title match says a lot. The match was better than their previous match but that doesn’t say much because nobody cared about their previous match. At the end Sheamus got a win by hitting Alberto with Ricardo’s shoe, and then when he pinned him the referee made a wrong call by counting to three when del Rio’s foot was on the ropes. It looks like they will continue something that people still don’t care about. Rating: ***

Tag Team Championships Match—Kofi Kingston & R-Truth © vs Prime Time Players: This match didn’t have a lot to offer and it didn’t do to much. The best thing to come out of the match was the “Kobe Bryant” chant, but it was also something bad because now A.W can keep on bitching on Twitter. It really surprised me that the title didn’t change, maybe they’re building for a triple threat or a four way for the titles at Night of Champions. Rating: **1/4

WWE Championship Match—CM Punk © vs Big Show vs John Cena: CM Punk is still being cheered big time and Cena tonight got some boos, Punk also wore a new ring gear in tribute of Bret Hart. Now let’s talk about the match. The match was actually good. It was the simple big man beats the two smaller guys and the smaller guys team up to beat the big guy. It was an interesting match up that at first ended with Cena and Punk winning. CM Punk put Big Show on the Koji Clutch and then Cena puts him on the STF at the same time to make him tap. Since there wasn’t a clear winner AJ came out and restarted the match.This ended with Cena hitting the AA and Punk outsmarting Cena to take the victory. Is incredible in a fan standpoint to see one of the greatest champions perform. Tonight CM Punk made a tribute to Bret Hart but one day a younger superstar will do a tribute to him. Rating: ***1/4

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs Triple H:This match was very good but it didn’t live up to my expectations. On Extreme Rules Lesnar destroyed Cena and it wasn’t a personal feud like this one, but it was still a good match. Paul Heyman at ringside might be the best thing ever, A.W should take notes on being a manager. This Storyline is perfect for a match at WrestleMania between these two. Brock Lesnar the UFC guy fighting the last of an Era and the future owner of the company he walked off, I think that will be nice for WrestleMania. The match came to an end after various Pedigrees and a F5 Triple H tapped out to the Kimura Lock. With that loss a heartbroken Triple H said sorry to the WWE Universe. That’s when the fans turn on him chanting “You tapped out” talk about assholes. But after that the fans gave him an ovation in what looks like to be the last of Triple H. Rating: ***1/2

Grade: B