Thoughts After the Show: Summerslam

What a night was last night. We got a new US Champion, good matches and Lesnar vs Triple H delivered. This Summerslam sure was better than last years, it was one of the best shows of the year. The only downside of the show was how the WWE title got 13 minutes and Kevin Rudolf got time to perform. But it was all better when Fred Durst flipped the bird to the camera, I really didn’t know he was still relevant to be considered a celebrity.

Summerslam was great and it part it was thanks to the opening match between Ziggler and Jericho. That match was really good and I hope that we a rematch tonight. Another good match was the one for the WWE title. The match wasn’t spectacular but it told a story. It was nice seeing Punk retain by outsmarting Cena.

But the highlight was the actual main event. Lesnar and Triple H had a brutal match. Lesnar look dominant and Triple H did the right thing for business by tapping out. But the best part was and worst was the assholes chanting “you tapped out”. That’s why the WWE doesn’t care about what hardcore fans think about the product because they ruin it. Why chant that in a moment where you clearly see is the tease of the retirement of a legend. But even with assholes ruining the moment for a second it was a nice ending for a good show.