Superstars and CM Punk comment on his attack on Lawler

Just like on Monday all the Superstars were tweeting about Triple H’s retirement they were tweeting about how the show ended last night. Most of the Superstars that commented on CM Punk’s actions were in favor of them. It looks like they respect him after all.

CM Punk: “I did it for Andy Kaufman”

Titus O’Neil: “YES,YES&YES Again!! @CMPunk You did the Right thing on @WWE #RAW if they don’t want 2give U #Respect then TAKE IT!#PrimeTimePlayers Approved”

Michael McGillicutty: “Look, @CMPunk is the WWE World Champion. Show him respect. Lawler doesnt know when to keep his mouth shut. Now u know old man!”

Antonio Cesaro: “Not surprised by @CMPunk’s uncivilized actions tonight. After all he’s American. Good thing you have me as your #USChampion now. #respect

Heath Slater: “I think @CMPunk is in the right. If the @WWEUniverse doesn’t respect him. Make Them!”

Curt Hawkins: “Been a fan of @CMPunk since I was in high school. I’ve never been a fan Jerry Lawler. I thought the kick was justified.”

Tyson Kidd: “Not so sure I agree with @CMPunk . Respect is earned not commanded. Great talent but attitude or mindset is out of sync. For the record I’ve both teamed with and wrestled against @CMPunk and have a great deal of respect for him. Some actions are questionable”

Alex Riley: “Although I don’t exactly “respect” what @CMPunk did tonight, there is always a realness, to everything he says and does, that I appreciate”

Derrick Bateman: “Purely out of curiosity…. By a show of hands, is anyone really upset @CMPunk kicked Lawler in the head? Anyone? #ThoughtNot #respect”

The Miz: “I don’t blame @CMPunk I would of done the same thing to King….oh wait I did it 2 years ago. #BooHooJerry”