Should Rey Mysterio retire?

Rey Mysterio

There is no doubt that Rey Mysterio is one of the most popular wrestlers in the business today, he is one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the sport. But the 2011 and 2012 aren’t his years.

The Summer of 2011 is known as “Summer of Punk” and during that summer he had a little moment. That moment was when he defeated The Miz to become WWE Champion for 2 hours when CM Punk was still champion. After that it all went downhill. That same night he lost to John Cena, after that he got injured in a House Show and once again went through an operation. He remained the rest of the year on the sidelines and when he was ready to come back was suspended for 60 days for violating his second wellness policy. But after a year Mysterio managed to comeback the 999th show. It all looked good for Mysterio until this Sunday. On Summerslam Rey face The Miz in a title match for the IC title and got injured with a concussion. Once again Mysterio gets injured after Summerslam.

When is time to retire? That must be the question every athlete has when things don’t look so good. I’m pretty sure that is the question that might hung Mysterio’s head right now. With all these things happening to him it looks like it might be time to hang the boots. But should he retire? He is still having good matches, his match against CM Punk on Capitol Punishment and his WWE title match against John Cena showed he is still great in the square circle. But Missing almost 2 years of action might be a signal that it might be time to pass the torch.