Highlight of the Week #2: NXT turns into ROH

Seth Rollins and CM Punk vs Kings of Wrestling

This week’s highlight was something that didn’t air or will air on TV. The WWE Champion CM Punk teamed up with the NXT Champion Seth Rollins to face Antonio Cesaro and Kassious Ohno in a dreamed match for the Internet fans. Even without seeing this match take place this is the highlight of the week for various reasons. One of them is that those four guys that broke their back in the Independent scene are now in the WWE. One of them is the 9 month reining WWE Champion, the other is the NXT Champion and another one is the US Champion. The four made it. The second reason this is the highlight of the week is that the Kings of Wrestling Antonio formerly known as Claudio Castagnoli  and Kassious formerly known as Chris Hero teamed up once again. The third reason this is the highlight of the week is that after 7 years Chris Hero and CM Punk were in the ring together, those two had really good matches in the past and the fact that once again they faced each other should make every wrestling fan smile. And the final reason this is the highlight of the week is that it shows how thing have changed. How CM Punk has paved the way. Until this day the WWE has CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Tyler Black and Jon Moxley under contract proves how Independent Wrestlers can have a chance. The fact that this match took place overshadows Chris Jericho leaving the company to tour with Fozzy, Brock Lesnar’s third time quitting the company and Triple H’s retirement tease. This match was something special that fans in attendance had the honor to see. Even if this match isn’t show on TV this is the highlight of a pretty good week in wrestling because it shows how is the business is changing. It shows that self-made man can get to the top.