08/27/12 Raw Review-CM Punk vs Jerry Lawler

Raw Review

  • CM Punk verbal attack on Jerry Lawler
  • Anger Management Segments
  • Kane
  • CM Punk beating the hell out of Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler & CM Punk confrontation- After last weeks ending Jerry Lawler abandoned the commentary table to call out Punk. With a new haircut CM Punk came out to drop a “Pipebomb” on Lawler. Punk acted like a the biggest bully in the WWE. He dropped a lot of stuff on Lawler until he challenges in a match. Great way to hype a match that nobody wants to see.

Ryback vs Jack Swagger-Swagger was back on TV and he was fed to Ryback. Like always Ryback got “Goldberg” chants and “Feed me more” chants. This match wasn’t that special like all Ryback’s matches.

Winner: Ryback

Natalya vs Layla-Is a shame that the WWE doesn’t care about the divas division. This two had a good match but was buried by Vickie Guerrero at ringside not caring.

Winner: Layla

Vickie Guerrero Promo-Between the fans booing and Vickie’s tone it was difficult to understand what she said. But it looked like she wanted AJ to step down as GM and that made AJ come out and slap her.

Anger Management Segment #1-The WWE should have this on the WWE Network. Daniel Bryan is in a therapy group denying he needs the therapy. That’s when a little kid wearing a goat mask. Pure fun stuff.

The Miz vs John Cena-The match between these two was good. The crowd was hot for it and there was some good action. But this match was unnecessary. A title holder shouldn’t lose a non-title match if it doesn’t fit in their storyline.

Winner: John Cena

Anger Management Segment #2-Another segment with the Anger Management therapy group AJ assigned Daniel Bryan and Kane. Once again funny stuff from Bryan and a silent Kane.

Heath Slater vs Santino Marella-Not a lot to say about a match that made fans chant “boring”.

Winner: Santino Marella

Brodus Clay & Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes-Nothing to highlight about the match except Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes on the microphone. Also in a feud at one point the heels have to get heat.

Winners: Brodus Clay & Sin Cara

Anger Management Segment #3-Pure genius was this segment. The writer of this skit deserves a raise. Kane telling his life story on therapy was the best segment of this whole year. 

R-Truth vs Daniel Bryan-For some reason the tag champions didn’t have a tag match and singles wrestlers had tag matches. Nothing interesting about the match because it didn’t play long enough.

Winner (via count out): R-Truth

Triple H retires?-It was a nice “fake” retirement speech even when he didn’t say he retired. Highlight was Triple H moving his “broken” arm during all his speech. At the end the fans bought the speech and showered him with cheers and “Thank you” chants.

Zack Ryder vs David Otunga with Kane at Commentary-Second week in a row Zack is on Raw, but that was secondary. What mattered in this segment was Kane who was outstanding. Kane in silence with Cole standing up the further he could trying to have a conversation with him was great. Also seeing him chokeslam Otunga is always great.

Winner: Zack Ryder

AJ announces Night of Champions main event-This was the most awkward way to announce a match as big as CM Punk vs John Cena. Each day AJ as GM sucks even more.

Steel Cage: CM Punk vs Jerry Lawler-In a #RawActive match fans “choose” a Steel Cage match. The match was good as it told a story. Punk really showed his villain side tonight. He even sang the Andy Kauffman’s song about Lawler. The match even included a bloody Punk. But the best part was Punk forcing after his victory a hurt Lawler admit he was the “Best in the World”. Funny thing about the aftermath was Cena coming down to help but not trying to climb the cage. Punk looked like villain but that might not work for next weeks show in Chicago.

Final Thoughts:

Good show with the right focal point. The champ opens and closes the show like it should be. It would be nice to see how Chicago reacts to CM Punk’s new character next Monday.

Final Score: 8.3/10