Is CM Punk just another heel?

Since CM Punk dropped the “Pipebomb” he immediately became one of the biggest superstars in the wrestling business, but after that not a lot was done with him. His incredible run of the summer was stopped by an egomaniac Triple H who for some reason needed the spotlight. But even with that obstacle he won the WWE Championship on Survivor Series and has hold on to it for 9 months. For the first time in a long time there was a superstar as popular as Cena but they decided to turn CM Punk into a villain. But what type of villain he is?

CM Punk GTS to The RockSince his attack on The Rock the crowd reactions didn’t change and even him retaining the title in a heelish way at Summerslam got him showered with cheers. A mini-feud with an old man was how he got booed. Is a shame that someone as talented as CM Punk is being used as another heel. Someone who complains, takes cheap shots and bullies everybody. Just hope he doesn’t cheat to win.

Sure all villains on the wrestling world are bullies, cheat and complain, but CM Punk is above all that. He is capable of being a different type of villain, he didn’t even need to be a villain. CM Punk is the perfect wrestler to be a “tweener”. What makes Punk so interesting is that he is truly himself all the time. Jerry Lawler on the Anaconda ViceBut now him playing a heel character getting cheap heat beating Lawler and insulting him is the generic WWE heel and we all know that doesn’t go anywhere. The Miz was that generic heel and the last time he was close to the title picture was back on February of 2012. The WWE doesn’t like heel champions and the fact that Punk is feuding with Cena can be the signs that soon a new champion will be crowned. The WWE need to make something different with Punk, he doesn’t deserve to be another generic heel. There is still time to see how this new character will develop and how fans will react to it. It will be really interesting to see what they will do next week on Chicago. Will they boo the hometown boy?


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  1. Unfortunately, it’s been pretty clear from the start that the WWE isn’t sure what to do with Punk. From the HHH intervention last summer that you mentioned to this bizarre heel turn right as WWE 13 is about to come with him on the cover, it’s very strange. Hopefully Punk continues to be awesome, though.

    Also, “lovely” and wrestling don’t really go together, but I picked you for this award anyway:

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