Kane and Daniel Bryan take Anger Management Classes

Raw last night was a really good show. It had the WWE Champion on the main event, the divas had a match even if they got buried and young talent like Rhodes and Sandow appeared. But last night Kane and Daniel Bryan were the biggest highlight of the night, well Kane was the biggest highlight of the night.

The WWE has continued their “Anger Management” storyline with AJ tormenting her former love interests by putting them in an Anger Management therapy. Last night throughout the night they showed clips of what went down in the therapy. This hilarious skits included Bryan yelling to a kid wearing a goat face mask, Scorpio Sky playing as “Harold” and Kane telling the story of his life. (Video Below)

This whole anger management storyline might be the most entertaining thing on WWE TV. This skit with Daniel Bryan “No-ing” and Kane attacking people like Josh Mathews and David Otunga are things that make great TV time. People might be upset that Bryan isn’t on title picture but they need to realize he is in a storyline that is featured in both shows and that he at some point has to step down the title picture. Also this angle is the best work Daniel Bryan has done and he has been the star of 2012. Over the whole year he has been entertaining but this anger management stuff is the most entertaining work he has done.