08/29/12 NXT Review-Seth Rollins new NXT Champion

  • The Ascension attack
  • Big E Langston
  • NXT title match

Mike Dalton & Jason Jordan vs Hunico & Camacho-Good match to kick off the show. As always Hunico is great on the ring. Every time I see him perform I say to myself they choose the wrong guy between him and Sin Cara. Also Mike Dalton was really impressive.

Winners: Hunico & Camacho

The Ascension ambushes The Usos-The Usos came down to call out The Ascension which wasn’t a good idea. Conor and Cameron looked really impressive attacking The Usos. They really are a tag team and they feel like it. They don’t feel like two superstars thrown together like Kofi and R-Truth.

Big E Langston vs Chase Donovan-Ryback is dominating the WWE and Big E is dominating NXT. Out of the two of them Big E looks more impressive. He looks like an athlete that can destroy somebody. Ryback on the other hand is nasty for TV. Ryback is the guy I don’t want to see on TV because of his nasty eye. Big E is so much better than him, at least he would not get “Goldberg” chants.

Winner: Big E Langston

NXT Championship Match: Seth Rollins vs Jinder Mahal- If only WWE could make a title match as important they did with this match. Dusty Rhodes was out for this match, the whole locker room was out for this match, Howard Finkel made the introductions, JR was at commentary and at commentary they made this match mean more. This match was one of the best Jinder Mahal’s matches I’ve seen. Well this match was the best I’ve seen on NXT since Tyson Kidd vs Michael McGilicutty on the first show. Extremely entertaining and the best match of the week in wrestling so far.

Winner (and New NXT Champion): Seth Rollins

Final Thoughts:

This weeks show was all about the main event like it should be. There were only three matches with one of them being squash match. There were also a lot of superstars profiles, Raw Rebound and two Night of Champions commercials. Talking about the NOC promo they only showed Sheamus and Cena holding the championships belts. Why isn’t the WWE Champion featured in a PPV where the theme is Champions?

Final Score: 9/10