Highlight of the Week #3: CM Punk vs Jerry Lawler

Last week on Raw the WWE Champion CM Punk faced Jerry “The King” Lawler in a steel cage match. Even if a lot of fans didn’t want to see a 60 plus old man face the WWE Champion this wasn’t a bad match. This was a very old school match that consisted on CM Punk beating Jerry Lawler to get  cheap heat. After the match CM Punk locked himself up with Lawler. Punk wanted Lawler to show him some respect by saying he was the “Best in the World” to which he responded by saying “Hell no!”. After this Punk started to beat the hell out of Lawler until Cena came out to save the day. This whole segment was perfect for its purpose that’s reason enough to be the highlight of the week.

But even if this segment was a highlight of this weeks wrestling television the Internet was talking about something else, the blade job. That’s why I call all this controversy the “Blade Gate”. During the last minutes of the match CM Punk started bleeding after a hit against the steel, because of this the Dirt Sheets reported that he bladed.

But that is something hard to believe because blade jobs are prohibited in todays WWE. Also CM Punk posted a photo where he clearly shows staples on his head. But still people believe the Dirt Sheets reports. Who can blame them? If something is on the Internet it must be true.