Raw Preview: Punks Town

CM Punk

For the first time in a long time Raw is all about the WWE Champion. The past few weeks CM Punk had done a lot of things that many fans see as a bad thing, but in reality he is been doing what he should’ve done months ago. He is demanding respect.

After months of playing second fiddle to John Cena, The Rock, Triple H and Brock Lesnar the spotlight is once again in the WWE Champion. Now near the 300 days reign CM Punk has the spotlight on him after giving a GTS to The Rock and beating the hell out of Jerry Lawler. Now his spotlight will shine brighter since Raw this week is in Chicago. The last time they were in Chicago John Cena stole his spotlight by main eventing Extreme Rules, now Punk has a chance to get the spotlight back in Chicago just like last summer.

Now with Punk apparently joining the dark side it will be interesting to see the dynamic between Punk and the crowd. CM Punk is still getting cheered even after heelish moves like on Summerslam or on Monday when Lawler called out Punk and people still chanted his name. Now that Raw is in Chicago it will be interesting to see how a “Smart” crowd that normally favors heels reacts to the hometown villain. There is no way possible Punk can get booed in his home town crowd, maybe if he kisses Cena’s ass he might get booed. But the WWE wants him to get booed? Is he a heel? Maybe he is just being Punk. Maybe what the WWE wants Punk to be what he really is a normal person. He isn’t bad or good he is just a man that makes decisions. Maybe the WWE wants Punk to be something gray in a world of black and white. But we can only speculate until CM Punk’s character development is finished. He was the bad guy last week and maybe this week he will be the good guy. Things are unpredictable with CM Punk and the last time that happened we were witnesses of something special.



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  1. Great article. I have sort of always liked Punk since the SES days. Whether heel or face, I’ll be cheering for him and I think it sucks that he plays second to Cena

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