09/03/12 Raw Review-“I am a Paul Heyman Guy”

Raw Review

  • Chicago crowd
  • Kane and Daniel Bryan
  • No Jerry Lawler at commentary
  • The closing segment

Jerry Lawler and Punk’s brawl backstage- Before the show even starts they show a brawl between Lawler and Punk. Cole makes the comment that Punk attacked Lawler but in the video looks the other way around. It clearly shows that Lawler was the one that attacked Punk first.

Sheamus Opens the Show- The World Heavyweight Champion opens the show but he is soon interrupted by the hometown hero who gets an awesome reception. Hearing reactions like that one makes me wonder why are they turning him heel. The two of them exchange some words until the GM AJ Lee comes out and makes two main event matches. One of them is the challengers for the titles Alberto del Rio vs John Cena and the other a Champions vs Champions match between Punk and Sheamus.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs Randy Orton- First match of the night was a rematch of the main event of Smackdown. Just like their Smackdown bout this two had a really good match. It looks like Ziggler will have little feuds to build him up to his cash in. That are good news because most of the winners of the MITB match weren’t built to hold the championship and because of that they failed. Hope to see this two in the ring at Night of Champions in a match for the briefcase.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Anger Management Segment #1- First segment of the hit series of “WWE’s Anger Management” was as always entertaining. Both Bryan and Kane showed their “anger collages” and at the end of the segment Bryan started to understand Kane.

Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs Tensai w/ Sakamoto & Cody Rhodes- Before the match even started The Miz joined Cole at commentary. This didn’t had anything special aside from Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio teaming up. It really is a shame to see Cody Rhodes fall each day lower and lower.

Winners: Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio

Anger Management #2- Second Anger Management segment of the night consisted in a “trust exercise”. First Kane caught a falling Daniel Bryan and then both failed to catch a falling Harold. Just another classic segment.

Sheamus vs CM Punk- Sheamus came out but Punk wasn’t competing on Labor Day. The cheapest way you can get a hometown crowd boo at Punk even if they didn’t boo that much. At backstage AJ tried to stop him but he leaves in a a car. Who can blame Punk a Champion vs Champion match at 9:00pm isn’t a worthy spot.

Sheamus vs Jack Swagger with Alberto del Rio at commentary- For some reason AJ thought that the best way to replace the WWE Champion was with Jack Swagger. This was a match that ended with Sheamus putting a Texas Cloverleaf on Swagger to get the win. After that Alberto attacks Sheamus but the Irish Version of Super Cena ended getting the upper hand, he even knocked down poor Ricardo when he put his body on risk to safe his boss. How can anybody hate Ricardo?

Winner (via Sub): Sheamus

Eve Torres vs Kaitlyn with Layla at commentary- Not sure of what happened in the ring since The Miz and Layla took away from the match by arguing. Thanks to the commentary this was the worst segment of the night. Also what’s up with nice Eve Torres?

Jack Swagger is shown at backstage leaving and once again AJ tries to stop one of his superstars to leave. Isn’t to early for AJ to struggle on power?

Anger Management Segment #3- The third and final segment of this week showed a more calmer Bryan and Kane, but at the end it didn’t go so well. Even the doctor was frustrated when his work didn’t work.

Matt Striker tried to interview Alberto over Ricardo’s state but David Otunga interfere since he is now working for Alberto and will sue Sheamus.

Ryback vs Jinder Mahal- Short squash match. Once again Chicago chanted “Goldberg” but that doesn’t matter because he is over and has his own T-Shirt.

Winner: Ryback

Daniel Bryan and Kane hug it out- The WWE Universe had the choice to make this two face each other or tag together, but they choose a hug. This was the most hilarious stuff anybody could watch on TV. A tall masked man and a little man with a weird beard in the middle of the ring with a referee hugging each other. The hilarious commentary by The Miz and Cole plus the Chicago crowd chanting “Hug it out” made this even more funny. After the hug they ended brawling with Bryan getting the upper hand. Hope this feud ends with them becoming tag partners. Daniel Bryan has to win other things besides the World title.

US Title Match: Antonio Cesaro © w/ Aksana vs Santino Marella- Another comedy match for the rematch. Is interesting that this match took place before the Night of Champions PPV. Maybe Antonio will get a better opponent at the PPV.

Winner (and still US Champion): Antonio Cesaro

Zack Ryder vs Heath Slater- After their Twitter feud this weekend this two were put on a match. Nothing special except for the fact that this is Ryder’s second week on Raw. But is a shame he didn’t get to celebrate his win because Vickie interrupted him.

Winner: Zack Ryder

Vickie Guerrero calls out AJ- For some reason someone thought that a Clint Eastwood “Old Man talking to a chair” was a good spot which made me laugh a little bit. Aside from that spot nothing else was good. Why is AJ struggling so soon? But I admit that bad Vickie is an entertaining Vickie especially with her creepy witch laughter.

John Cena vs Alberto del Rio- This falls count anywhere match was really good. The table spot with Alberto countering Cena’s AA was nice since Cena is always the one that puts people through tables. But the real highlight of the match and the night and maybe the whole year was the ending. As expected CM Punk returned and cost Cena’s match.

Winner: Alberto del Rio

CM Punk ends the show- After costing Cena’s match he hit a sweet GTS with the car he left earlier on the night. Then it was revealed that the cars driver was none other than Paul Heyman. That spot was pure genius also an excellent cliff hanger. Punk left the arena with someone driving the car and it was later revealed who that’s excellent storytelling. Also putting Punk and Heyman together makes sense since Paul is the reason Punk is in the WWE, also last summer Punk said he was a “Paul Heyman guy”. Let’s just hope this ends well.

Final Thoughts:

Excellent show. Good wrestling and great ending. But why is the IC Champ at commentary when a PPV that is about champions is on two weeks. Also did Miz turned Baby Face on Commentary tonight, after Punk left he trashed him. Chicago always brings out the best in the WWE. Until now the best PPV of 2012 was held on Chicago and the second best Raw was held there to, they should make shows there more often.

Final Score: 9/10