Thoughts After the Show: Raw September 3, 2012


Last night Monday Night Raw was broadcasted from the best wrestling city Chicago and it sure was a great show. There was no Jerry Lawler at commentary, Zack Ryder appeared on TV and won, Kane and Bryan hugged each other and Cena lost in a really good main event. But what made this the second best Raw of 2012 was the last 10 seconds. Paul Heyman is back and apparently he found a new partner in crime.

I think that like many fans in the Internet I marked out for the last 10 seconds of Raw. I don’t know exactly what made me more excited the new alliance or the fact that WWE did something right. At last CM Punk is given the spotlight. The WWE Champion was at the beginning, the middle and end of the show, plus throughout the night they were talking about him. The last time it was all about Punk we got a memorable Summer that Triple H and his Ego ruined. Now with this alliance Punk can do what I think he wanted to do last year. Now without Triple H’s ego to ruin this angle and with Punk having more power backstage this can  be something special. With Punk and Heyman teaming up there is no one on the roster that might be able to go toe to toe on the microphone, maybe The Rock. Also if Brock Lesnar joins them in a stable they will be an unstoppable force. Is the WWE ready for this? Are fans ready for this? I don’t know if I’m ready for too much awesomeness since I’m still trying to calm myself after the last 10 seconds of Raw, but what I know is that I really want to see Heyman and Punk owning the WWE.