09/05/12 NXT Review-The NXT Champion talks

  • Video recapping Seth Rollins title victory
  • Ohno attack to Steamboat
  • Tag Team Match

Richie Steamboat vs Kassious Ohno- First match of the night was cut off short after Kassious got himself disqualified. But that loss didn’t stop him because he then attacked Steamboat. First he threw him into the guardrail and then knocked him out in the ring. Even with the match being short the action was good, but that’s what you get when two excellent talents are in the ring. After the attack a angry Ricky Steamboat the father of Richie enters the ring. Looks like these two will enter a feud and WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat will be involved.

Winner (via DQ): Richie Steamboat

Paige vs Audrey Marie- Like always the divas action on NXT is better than what’s on Raw or Smackdown. This time Paige and Audrey put on a good match. Like always Paige is cheered during all the match, it surprises me how over is Paige. I say that because fans almost never connect with a Diva and they connect with her.

Winner: Paige

Backstage Ricky Steamboat- Mad at what happened earlier on the show Ricky confronted Kassious. This was an excellent segment. The obvious highlight was Kassious saying “What are you going to do? Arm drag me?”

Percy Watson vs Leo Krueger- Apparently after his loss during the Gold Rush Tournament Leo Krueger went to South Africa and came back with a new look. It looks like someone hit a switch on Krueger. Now Krueger wears something that somebody would used in a safari instead than tights. Also his in ring style changed a little bit, during the match he acted like a hunter going after its prey. The old Krueger was good and this one seems just as interesting.

Winner: Leo Krueger

Brodus Clay vs Ryan Collins- Just another generic Clay match. When will something different happen with him?

Winner: Brodus Clay

The Usos vs The Ascension- In a rematch of last week we got this match. This was a really good tag team match. Is a shame that the Divas and Tag Team matches are better on NXT than on the TV programming. On this match The Usos showed a more aggressive side and The Ascension continued to impress. Really would like to see The Ascension on the big leagues,

Winners: The Ascension

NXT Champion Talks- The show closes up with Jim Ross interviewing the first NXT Champion Seth Rollins. He talked about how all his life he’s been called a loser and that’s what he uses for motivation. Then he talks that he will be a fighting champion that will defend his championship against whoever wins an opportunity to face him. Then channeling his inner Daniel Bryan I guess he ends by saying “Sooner or later everybody gets Blackout”. Rollins isn’t a promo guy but he has it.

Final Thoughts:

Another good show. The tag team match was pretty good. Also the beginning of the Kassious and Steamboat feud seems pretty interesting.

Final Score: 9.5/10